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". I strongly support this excellent report by Timothy Kirkhope which calls for a framework decision on setting up joint investigation teams. This decision opens the way for the full implementation of the EU convention which calls for mutual assistance in criminal matters. Police cooperation at EU level is a relatively new and innovative idea. Without cooperation in these kinds of matters, individual Member States cannot hope to solve and combat the new kinds of crime that presently face Member State police forces. In addition, the report calls for joint investigation teams which should be available not only to combat drugs trafficking and human beings, but also to ward off organised crime. Once joint investigations really take off and Member States come to fully realise their effectiveness, their remit could and should widen to include these kinds of issues. Finally, as the report indicates, there is a real and valid role for the European Parliament in matters pertaining to joint police initiatives. The call for some kind of review mechanism, whereby the Council accounts for and reports to the European Parliament on the effectiveness of joint initiatives, will make this process more open and transparent and therefore more legitimate."@en1

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