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"Mr President, I voted for the Marinho report because it provides for the mutual recognition of court sentences and decisions on the implementation of the Schengen acquis. However, as a representative of the Pensioners’ Party, I am not in favour of the mutual recognition of decisions. This is not something which furthers European integration: we need common rules in both civil and criminal law. If we do not achieve this but are content just to implement mutual recognition of decisions, we will be taking a step backwards in the practical integration of Europe. We will only have a Europe which is genuinely fully functional when we move on from the mutual recognition of decisions to common rules which are the same throughout the European Union. Then there will be no need to recognise the decisions of other States because the decisions of each Member State will be the decisions of all the States."@en1
"- Marinho report (A-0371/2001)"1

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