Table for the 29 triples with object <> sorted by label

?:Astrid Lulling?:award received
?:Bernard Stasi?:award received
?:Bronisław Geremek?:award received
?:Catherine Trautmann?:award received
?:Charles Pasqua?:award received
?:Christian Poncelet?:award received
?:Claude Wolff?:award received
?:Dick Ukeiwé?:award received
?:Francisque Collomb?:award received
?:Françoise de Veyrinas?:award received
?:Gabriele Albertini?:award received
?:Jack Lang?:award received
?:Jacques Toubon?:award received
?:Jean-Paul Bachy?:award received
?:Jean-Pierre Cot?:award received
?:Jean-Pierre Raffin?:award received
?:Margie Sudre?:award received
?:Martin Schulz?:award received
?:Michel Barnier?:award received
?:Michèle Barzach?:award received
?:Nana Mouskouri?:award received
?:Olivier Lefèvre d'Ormesson?:award received
?:Patrick Gaubert?:award received
?:Philippe Malaud?:award received
?:Sergio Pininfarina?:award received
?:Walter Veltroni?:award received
?:Xavier Deniau?:award received
?:Yvette Roudy?:award received
?:Édith Cresson?:award received