Table for the 8 triples with object "2000-09-03"^^xsd:date sorted by label

vice-chair; Delegation for relations with the Mashreq countries and the Gulf (2000-02-18--2000-09-03)lpv:end
member; Members from the European Parliament to the Joint Parliamentary Assembly of the Agreement between the African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the European Union (ACP-EU) (1999-10-05--2000-09-03)lpv:end
substitute; Temporary committee on the Echelon interception system (2000-07-06--2000-09-03)lpv:end
member; PETI (1999-07-21--2000-09-03)lpv:end
member; EPP-ED (2000-04-10--2000-09-03)lpv:end
unknown; Nea Dimokratia (1999-07-20--2000-09-03)lpv:end
member; Committee on Development and Cooperation (1999-07-21--2000-09-03)lpv:end
member; Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy (1999-07-21--2000-09-03)lpv:end