Table for the 10 triples with object "1993-06-24"^^xsd:date sorted by label

substitute; Committee on External Economic Relations (1992-01-15--1993-06-24)lpv:end
unknown; Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern e.V. (1989-07-25--1993-06-24)lpv:end
member; Committee on Institutional Affairs (1992-01-15--1993-06-24)lpv:end
member; PES (1993-06-24--1994-07-18)lpv:beginning
member_of_the_bureau; EPP (1992-02-12--1993-06-24)lpv:end
substitute; Committee on Institutional Affairs (1992-01-15--1993-06-24)lpv:end
chair; Committee on Legal Affairs and Citizens' Rights (1993-02-15--1993-06-24)lpv:end
member; Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development (1992-01-15--1993-06-24)lpv:end
member; Delegation for relations with the Member States of ASEAN and the ASEAN Interparliamentary Organisation (AIPO) and the Republic of Korea (1993-02-11--1993-06-24)lpv:end
substitute; Delegation for relations with the Mashreq countries (1993-02-11--1993-06-24)lpv:end