Table for the 15 triples with object "Warszawa"@en sorted by label

lp:Andrzej Karol Gawłowskilpv:place of birth
lp:Andrzej Wielowieyskilpv:place of birth
lp:Antoni Macierewiczlpv:place of birth
lp:Bronisław Geremeklpv:place of birth
lp:Dariusz Maciej Grabowskilpv:place of birth
lp:Julia Piteralpv:place of birth
lp:Karol Karskilpv:place of birth
lp:Maciej Marian Giertychlpv:place of birth
lp:Michał Tomasz Kamińskilpv:place of birth
lp:Paweł Bartłomiej Piskorskilpv:place of birth
lp:Paweł Zalewskilpv:place of birth
lp:Rafał Trzaskowskilpv:place of birth
lp:Ryszard Roman Kaliszlpv:place of birth
lp:Tadeusz Rosslpv:place of birth
lp:Wojciech Roszkowskilpv:place of birth