Table for the 21 triples with object "Torino"@en sorted by label

lp:Achille Occhettolpv:place of birth
lp:Alberto Ciriolpv:place of birth
lp:Antonio Mussalpv:place of birth
lp:Carlo Stellalpv:place of birth
lp:Diego Novellilpv:place of birth
lp:Fabrizio Bertotlpv:place of birth
lp:Fabrizio Bertotlpv:place of birth
lp:Giancarlo Pajettalpv:place of birth
lp:Gianni Vattimolpv:place of birth
lp:Giovanni Negrilpv:place of birth
lp:Gipo Farassinolpv:place of birth
lp:Luigi Caligarislpv:place of birth
lp:Marco Rizzolpv:place of birth
lp:Maria Adelaide Agliettalpv:place of birth
lp:Mario Borgheziolpv:place of birth
lp:Riccardo Garoscilpv:place of birth
lp:Sergio Camillo Segrelpv:place of birth
lp:Sergio Pininfarinalpv:place of birth
lp:Silvio Leonardilpv:place of birth
lp:Susanna Agnellilpv:place of birth
lp:Tullio Eugenio Reggelpv:place of birth