Table for the 11 triples with object "Rīga"@en sorted by label

lp:Aldis Kušķislpv:place of birth
lp:Aldis Kušķislpv:place of birth
lp:Guntars Krastslpv:place of birth
lp:Inese Šleserelpv:place of birth
lp:Ivars Godmanislpv:place of birth
lp:Juris Sokolovskislpv:place of birth
lp:Kārlis Šadurskislpv:place of birth
lp:Rihards Pīkslpv:place of birth
lp:Roberts Zīlelpv:place of birth
lp:Tatjana Ždanokalpv:place of birth
lp:Valdis Dombrovskislpv:place of birth