Table for the 40 triples with object "London"@en sorted by label

lp:Alasdair Henry Huttonlpv:place of birth
lp:Amédée E. Turnerlpv:place of birth
lp:Andrew Henry William Bronslpv:place of birth
lp:Anthea McINTYRElpv:place of birth
lp:Arthur Stanley Newenslpv:place of birth
lp:Ashley Motelpv:place of birth
lp:Brendan Patrick Donnellylpv:place of birth
lp:Christopher Huhnelpv:place of birth
lp:Dana Rosemary Scallonlpv:place of birth
lp:Gerard Battenlpv:place of birth
lp:Giles Chichesterlpv:place of birth
lp:Godfrey Bloomlpv:place of birth
lp:James Elleslpv:place of birth
lp:James W. Spicerlpv:place of birth
lp:James W. Spicerlpv:place of birth
lp:Janice Atkinsonlpv:place of birth
lp:John Leslie Marshalllpv:place of birth
lp:Julia Reidlpv:place of birth
lp:Julie Girlinglpv:place of birth
lp:Marina Yannakoudakislpv:place of birth
lp:Mark Francis Wattslpv:place of birth
lp:Michael Cashmanlpv:place of birth
lp:Michael N. Elliottlpv:place of birth
lp:Nicole Sinclairelpv:place of birth
lp:Patricia E. Rawlingslpv:place of birth
lp:Roger Helmerlpv:place of birth
lp:Roy Perrylpv:place of birth
lp:Seb Dancelpv:place of birth
lp:Sir Brandon Rhys Williamslpv:place of birth
lp:Sir Christopher J. Prout (Lord Kingsland)lpv:place of birth
lp:Sir David Lancaster Nicolsonlpv:place of birth
lp:Sir James Scott-hopkinslpv:place of birth
lp:Sir Peter B.R. Vannecklpv:place of birth
lp:Sir Robert Atkinslpv:place of birth
lp:Syed Kamalllpv:place of birth
lp:The Lord John E. Tomlinsonlpv:place of birth
lp:The Lord Nicholas Bethelllpv:place of birth
lp:The Lord O'haganlpv:place of birth
lp:Theresa Villierslpv:place of birth
lp:William (The Earl of) Dartmouthlpv:place of birth