Table for the 3,662 triples for predicate foaf:name in graph

lp:(Ben) George Benjamin Patterson"(Ben) George Benjamin Patterson"
lp:(Chris) Christopher Gerard O'malley"(Chris) Christopher Gerard O'malley"
lp:(Hans) Johannes Wilhelm Peters"(Hans) Johannes Wilhelm Peters"
lp:(Paddy) Patrick Joseph Lalor"(Paddy) Patrick Joseph Lalor"
lp:(Win) Winston James Griffiths"(Win) Winston James Griffiths"
lp:Aart Geurtsen"Aart Geurtsen"
lp:Abdelkader Mohamed Ali"Abdelkader Mohamed Ali"
lp:Abel Matutes Juan"Abel Matutes Juan"
lp:Achille Occhetto"Achille Occhetto"
lp:Achillefs Gerokostopoulos"Achillefs Gerokostopoulos"
lp:Adam Biela"Adam Biela"
lp:Adam Bielan"Adam Bielan"
lp:Adam Fergusson"Adam Fergusson"
lp:Adam Gierek"Adam Gierek"
lp:Adam Szejnfeld"Adam Szejnfeld"
lp:Adamos Adamou"Adamos Adamou"
lp:Adeline Hazan"Adeline Hazan"
lp:Adina-Ioana Vălean"Adina-Ioana Vălean"
lp:Adrian Manole"Adrian Manole"
lp:Adrian Severin"Adrian Severin"
lp:Adrian-Mihai Cioroianu"Adrian-Mihai Cioroianu"
lp:Adriana Ceci"Adriana Ceci"
lp:Adriana Poli Bortone"Adriana Poli Bortone"
lp:Adrien G.H. Zeller"Adrien G.H. Zeller"
lp:Afzal Khan"Afzal Khan"
lp:Agnes Jongerius"Agnes Jongerius"
lp:Agnes Schierhuber"Agnes Schierhuber"
lp:Agnieszka Kozłowska-rajewicz"Agnieszka Kozłowska-rajewicz"
lp:Agnieszka Pasternak"Agnieszka Pasternak"
lp:Agnès Le Brun"Agnès Le Brun"
lp:Agostino Mantovani"Agostino Mantovani"
lp:Agustín Díaz De Mera García Consuegra"Agustín Díaz De Mera García Consuegra"
lp:Alain Bombard"Alain Bombard"
lp:Alain Cadec"Alain Cadec"
lp:Alain Carignon"Alain Carignon"
lp:Alain Esclopé"Alain Esclopé"
lp:Alain Hutchinson"Alain Hutchinson"
lp:Alain Juppé"Alain Juppé"
lp:Alain Krivine"Alain Krivine"
lp:Alain Lamassoure"Alain Lamassoure"
lp:Alain Lipietz"Alain Lipietz"
lp:Alain Madelin"Alain Madelin"
lp:Alain Marleix"Alain Marleix"
lp:Alain Pompidou"Alain Pompidou"
lp:Alain Y.M. Gillot"Alain Y.M. Gillot"
lp:Alajos Mészáros"Alajos Mészáros"
lp:Alan John Donnelly"Alan John Donnelly"
lp:Alan Kelly"Alan Kelly"
lp:Alan Leslie Gillis"Alan Leslie Gillis"
lp:Alan R. Tyrrell"Alan R. Tyrrell"
lp:Alasdair Henry Hutton"Alasdair Henry Hutton"
lp:Albert Dess"Albert Dess"
lp:Albert Jan Maat"Albert Jan Maat"
lp:Albert Pürsten"Albert Pürsten"
lp:Alberto Cirio"Alberto Cirio"
lp:Alberto Ghergo"Alberto Ghergo"
lp:Alberto Michelini"Alberto Michelini"
lp:Alberto Moravia"Alberto Moravia"
lp:Alberto Tridente"Alberto Tridente"
lp:Albrecht Karl Konecny"Albrecht Karl Konecny"
lp:Alda Sousa"Alda Sousa"
lp:Aldis Kušķis"Aldis Kušķis"
lp:Aldo Arroni"Aldo Arroni"
lp:Aldo Bonaccini"Aldo Bonaccini"
lp:Aldo De Matteo"Aldo De Matteo"
lp:Aldo Patriciello"Aldo Patriciello"
lp:Alejandro Agag Longo"Alejandro Agag Longo"
lp:Alejandro Cercas"Alejandro Cercas"
lp:Alejo Vidal-quadras"Alejo Vidal-quadras"
lp:Aleksander Marek Szczygło"Aleksander Marek Szczygło"
lp:Aleksandrs Kiršteins"Aleksandrs Kiršteins"
lp:Alena Palečková"Alena Palečková"
lp:Alessandra Moretti"Alessandra Moretti"
lp:Alessandra Mussolini"Alessandra Mussolini"
lp:Alessandro Battilocchio"Alessandro Battilocchio"
lp:Alessandro Danesin"Alessandro Danesin"
lp:Alessandro Foglietta"Alessandro Foglietta"
lp:Alessandro Fontana"Alessandro Fontana"
lp:Alessandro Natta"Alessandro Natta"
lp:Alessia Maria Mosca"Alessia Maria Mosca"
lp:Alex Mayer"Alex Mayer"
lp:Alex Smith"Alex Smith"
lp:Alexander C. Falconer"Alexander C. Falconer"
lp:Alexander Graf Lambsdorff"Alexander Graf Lambsdorff"
lp:Alexander Langer"Alexander Langer"
lp:Alexander Mirsky"Alexander Mirsky"
lp:Alexander Nuno Pickart Alvaro"Alexander Nuno Pickart Alvaro"
lp:Alexander Radwan"Alexander Radwan"
lp:Alexander Sherlock"Alexander Sherlock"
lp:Alexander Stubb"Alexander Stubb"
lp:Alexander de Roo"Alexander de Roo"
lp:Alexandra Dobolyi"Alexandra Dobolyi"
lp:Alexandra Thein"Alexandra Thein"
lp:Alexandre Varaut"Alexandre Varaut"
lp:Alexandros Alavanos"Alexandros Alavanos"
lp:Alexandros Baltas"Alexandros Baltas"
lp:Alexandru Athanasiu"Alexandru Athanasiu"
lp:Alexandru Nazare"Alexandru Nazare"
lp:Alexandru-Ioan Morțun"Alexandru-Ioan Morțun"
lp:Alf Svensson"Alf Svensson"
lp:Alfeo Mizzau"Alfeo Mizzau"
lp:Alfons Boesmans"Alfons Boesmans"
lp:Alfons Goppel"Alfons Goppel"
lp:Alfonso Andria"Alfonso Andria"
lp:Alfonso Luigi Marra"Alfonso Luigi Marra"
lp:Alfonso Novo Belenguer"Alfonso Novo Belenguer"
lp:Alfred Coste-floret"Alfred Coste-floret"
lp:Alfred Gomolka"Alfred Gomolka"
lp:Alfred Lomas"Alfred Lomas"
lp:Alfred Sant"Alfred Sant"
lp:Alfredo Antoniozzi"Alfredo Antoniozzi"
lp:Alfredo Diana"Alfredo Diana"
lp:Alfredo Pallone"Alfredo Pallone"
lp:Alfredo Reichlin"Alfredo Reichlin"
lp:Alfreds Rubiks"Alfreds Rubiks"
lp:Algirdas Saudargas"Algirdas Saudargas"
lp:Alima Boumediene-thiery"Alima Boumediene-thiery"
lp:Alin Lucian Antochi"Alin Lucian Antochi"
lp:Aline Archimbaud"Aline Archimbaud"
lp:Aline Pailler"Aline Pailler"
lp:Allan Macartney"Allan Macartney"
lp:Allan R. Rogers"Allan R. Rogers"
lp:Alman Metten"Alman Metten"
lp:Alojz Peterle"Alojz Peterle"
lp:Alonso José Puerta"Alonso José Puerta"
lp:Aloyzas Sakalas"Aloyzas Sakalas"
lp:Alphonsine M.J. Phlix"Alphonsine M.J. Phlix"
lp:Altiero Spinelli"Altiero Spinelli"
lp:Alyn Smith"Alyn Smith"
lp:Amalia Sartori"Amalia Sartori"
lp:Ambroise Guellec"Ambroise Guellec"
lp:Amedeo Amadeo"Amedeo Amadeo"
lp:Amelia Andersdotter"Amelia Andersdotter"
lp:Amjad Bashir"Amjad Bashir"
lp:Amédée E. Turner"Amédée E. Turner"
lp:Ana Gomes"Ana Gomes"
lp:Ana Mato Adrover"Ana Mato Adrover"
lp:Ana Miranda"Ana Miranda"
lp:Ana Miranda De Lage"Ana Miranda De Lage"
lp:Ana Palacio Vallelersundi"Ana Palacio Vallelersundi"
lp:Anastassios Peponis"Anastassios Peponis"
lp:Anders Primdahl Vistisen"Anders Primdahl Vistisen"
lp:Anders Samuelsen"Anders Samuelsen"
lp:Anders Wijkman"Anders Wijkman"
lp:Andi Cristea"Andi Cristea"
lp:Andis Kāposts"Andis Kāposts"
lp:Andoni Monforte Arregui"Andoni Monforte Arregui"
lp:Andor Deli"Andor Deli"
lp:Andrea Bocskor"Andrea Bocskor"
lp:Andrea Bonetti"Andrea Bonetti"
lp:Andrea Carmine De Simone"Andrea Carmine De Simone"
lp:Andrea Cozzolino"Andrea Cozzolino"
lp:Andrea Losco"Andrea Losco"
lp:Andrea Manzella"Andrea Manzella"
lp:Andrea Raggio"Andrea Raggio"
lp:Andrea Zanoni"Andrea Zanoni"
lp:Andrea Češková"Andrea Češková"
lp:Andreas Mölzer"Andreas Mölzer"
lp:Andreas Pitsillides"Andreas Pitsillides"
lp:Andreas Schwab"Andreas Schwab"
lp:Andrej Plenković"Andrej Plenković"
lp:Andrejs Mamikins"Andrejs Mamikins"
lp:Andres Tarand"Andres Tarand"
lp:Andrew Duff"Andrew Duff"
lp:Andrew Henry William Brons"Andrew Henry William Brons"
lp:Andrew Lewer"Andrew Lewer"
lp:Andrew Pearce"Andrew Pearce"
lp:Andrey Kovatchev"Andrey Kovatchev"
lp:Andrey Novakov"Andrey Novakov"
lp:Andrus Ansip"Andrus Ansip"
lp:Andrzej Chronowski"Andrzej Chronowski"
lp:Andrzej Duda"Andrzej Duda"
lp:Andrzej Grzyb"Andrzej Grzyb"
lp:Andrzej Jan Szejna"Andrzej Jan Szejna"
lp:Andrzej Józef Gałażewski"Andrzej Józef Gałażewski"
lp:Andrzej Karol Gawłowski"Andrzej Karol Gawłowski"
lp:Andrzej Lech Pęczak"Andrzej Lech Pęczak"
lp:Andrzej Tomasz Zapałowski"Andrzej Tomasz Zapałowski"
lp:Andrzej Wielowieyski"Andrzej Wielowieyski"
lp:Andrzej Zbigniew Lepper"Andrzej Zbigniew Lepper"
lp:András Gyürk"András Gyürk"
lp:András Kelemen"András Kelemen"
lp:André Bord"André Bord"
lp:André Brie"André Brie"
lp:André Elissen"André Elissen"
lp:André F.E. Diligent"André F.E. Diligent"
lp:André Fanton"André Fanton"
lp:André Fourçans"André Fourçans"
lp:André Laignel"André Laignel"
lp:André R.J.-M.H.-A Damseaux"André R.J.-M.H.-A Damseaux"
lp:André Rossi"André Rossi"
lp:André Sainjon"André Sainjon"
lp:André Soulier"André Soulier"
lp:André Turcat"André Turcat"
lp:Andrés Perelló Rodríguez"Andrés Perelló Rodríguez"
lp:Angel Dzhambazki"Angel Dzhambazki"
lp:Angela Kokkola"Angela Kokkola"
lp:Angela Theodora Billingham"Angela Theodora Billingham"
lp:Angela del Carmen Sierra González"Angela del Carmen Sierra González"
lp:Angelika Beer"Angelika Beer"
lp:Angelika Mlinar"Angelika Mlinar"
lp:Angelika Niebler"Angelika Niebler"
lp:Angelika Werthmann"Angelika Werthmann"
lp:Angelo Carossino"Angelo Carossino"
lp:Angelo Ciocca"Angelo Ciocca"
lp:Angelo Narducci"Angelo Narducci"
lp:Angélique Delahaye"Angélique Delahaye"
lp:Anita Jean Pollack"Anita Jean Pollack"
lp:Anja Hazekamp"Anja Hazekamp"
lp:Anja Weisgerber"Anja Weisgerber"
lp:Ann Clwyd"Ann Clwyd"
lp:Anna (An) M.A. Hermans"Anna (An) M.A. Hermans"
lp:Anna Catasta"Anna Catasta"
lp:Anna Elżbieta Fotyga"Anna Elżbieta Fotyga"
lp:Anna Hedh"Anna Hedh"
lp:Anna Ibrisagic"Anna Ibrisagic"
lp:Anna Karamanou"Anna Karamanou"
lp:Anna Maria Corazza Bildt"Anna Maria Corazza Bildt"
lp:Anna Rosbach"Anna Rosbach"
lp:Anna Terrón i Cusí"Anna Terrón i Cusí"
lp:Anna Záborská"Anna Záborská"
lp:Anne André-léonard"Anne André-léonard"
lp:Anne Caroline B. Mcintosh"Anne Caroline B. Mcintosh"
lp:Anne Christine Poisson"Anne Christine Poisson"
lp:Anne Delvaux"Anne Delvaux"
lp:Anne E. Jensen"Anne E. Jensen"
lp:Anne Ferreira"Anne Ferreira"
lp:Anne Laperrouze"Anne Laperrouze"
lp:Anne Sander"Anne Sander"
lp:Anne Van Lancker"Anne Van Lancker"
lp:Anne Vondeling"Anne Vondeling"
lp:Anne-Karin Glase"Anne-Karin Glase"
lp:Anne-Marie A. Lizin"Anne-Marie A. Lizin"
lp:Anne-Marie Dupuy"Anne-Marie Dupuy"
lp:Anne-Marie Mineur"Anne-Marie Mineur"
lp:Anne-Marie Schaffner"Anne-Marie Schaffner"
lp:Anneleen Van Bossuyt"Anneleen Van Bossuyt"
lp:Anneli Hulthén"Anneli Hulthén"
lp:Anneli Jäätteenmäki"Anneli Jäätteenmäki"
lp:Anneliese Dodds"Anneliese Dodds"
lp:Annemarie Kuhn"Annemarie Kuhn"
lp:Annemarie M.C. Goedmakers"Annemarie M.C. Goedmakers"
lp:Annemie Neyts-uyttebroeck"Annemie Neyts-uyttebroeck"
lp:Annette Koewius"Annette Koewius"
lp:Anni Podimata"Anni Podimata"
lp:Annie Schreijer-pierik"Annie Schreijer-pierik"
lp:Anselmo Gouthier"Anselmo Gouthier"
lp:Anselmo Guarraci"Anselmo Guarraci"
lp:Antanas Guoga"Antanas Guoga"
lp:Antanas Valys"Antanas Valys"
lp:Anthea McINTYRE"Anthea McINTYRE"
lp:Anthony Joseph (Joe) Wilson"Anthony Joseph (Joe) Wilson"
lp:Anthony M.H. Simpson"Anthony M.H. Simpson"
lp:Antigoni Papadopoulou"Antigoni Papadopoulou"
lp:Antoine Duquesne"Antoine Duquesne"
lp:Antoine Waechter"Antoine Waechter"
lp:Antoine-François Bernardini"Antoine-François Bernardini"
lp:Antoinette Fouque"Antoinette Fouque"
lp:Antoinette Spaak"Antoinette Spaak"
lp:Antolín Sánchez Presedo"Antolín Sánchez Presedo"
lp:Antonello Antinoro"Antonello Antinoro"
lp:Antoni Gutiérrez Díaz"Antoni Gutiérrez Díaz"
lp:Antoni Macierewicz"Antoni Macierewicz"
lp:Antonino Buttafuoco"Antonino Buttafuoco"
lp:Antonino Tripodi"Antonino Tripodi"
lp:Antonio Augusto Lacerda De Queiróz"Antonio Augusto Lacerda De Queiróz"
lp:Antonio Cancian"Antonio Cancian"
lp:Antonio Cariglia"Antonio Cariglia"
lp:Antonio De Blasio"Antonio De Blasio"
lp:Antonio De Poli"Antonio De Poli"
lp:Antonio Del Duca"Antonio Del Duca"
lp:Antonio Di Pietro"Antonio Di Pietro"
lp:Antonio Fantini"Antonio Fantini"
lp:Antonio Garcia-pagan Zamora"Antonio Garcia-pagan Zamora"
lp:Antonio González Triviño"Antonio González Triviño"
lp:Antonio Graziani"Antonio Graziani"
lp:Antonio Iodice"Antonio Iodice"
lp:Antonio La Pergola"Antonio La Pergola"
lp:Antonio López-istúriz White"Antonio López-istúriz White"
lp:Antonio Masip Hidalgo"Antonio Masip Hidalgo"
lp:Antonio Mazzone"Antonio Mazzone"
lp:Antonio Michele Trizza"Antonio Michele Trizza"
lp:Antonio Mussa"Antonio Mussa"
lp:Antonio Navarro"Antonio Navarro"
lp:Antonio Nicola Cantalamessa"Antonio Nicola Cantalamessa"
lp:Antonio Tajani"Antonio Tajani"
lp:Antonios Georgiadis"Antonios Georgiadis"
lp:Antonios Trakatellis"Antonios Trakatellis"
lp:Antonis Samaras"Antonis Samaras"
lp:Antonyia Parvanova"Antonyia Parvanova"
lp:António Antero Coimbra Martins"António Antero Coimbra Martins"
lp:António Campos"António Campos"
lp:António Capucho"António Capucho"
lp:António Costa"António Costa"
lp:António Fernando Correia De Campos"António Fernando Correia De Campos"
lp:António Joaquim Marques Mendes"António Joaquim Marques Mendes"
lp:António Jorge de Figueiredo Lopes"António Jorge de Figueiredo Lopes"
lp:António José Fernandes"António José Fernandes"
lp:António José Marques Mendes"António José Marques Mendes"
lp:António José Seguro"António José Seguro"
lp:António Marinho E Pinto"António Marinho E Pinto"
lp:António Vitorino"António Vitorino"
lp:Apostolos Papageorgiou"Apostolos Papageorgiou"
lp:Ari Vatanen"Ari Vatanen"
lp:Arie M. Oostlander"Arie M. Oostlander"
lp:Arie de Goede"Arie de Goede"
lp:Aristides Dimopoulos"Aristides Dimopoulos"
lp:Aristidis Ouzounidis"Aristidis Ouzounidis"
lp:Arkadiusz Tomasz Bratkowski"Arkadiusz Tomasz Bratkowski"
lp:Arlene McCARTHY"Arlene McCARTHY"
lp:Arlette Laguiller"Arlette Laguiller"
lp:Arlindo Cunha"Arlindo Cunha"
lp:Armando Cossutta"Armando Cossutta"
lp:Armando Dionisi"Armando Dionisi"
lp:Armando França"Armando França"
lp:Armando Veneto"Armando Veneto"
lp:Armelle Guinebertière"Armelle Guinebertière"
lp:Armin Laschet"Armin Laschet"
lp:Arminas Lydeka"Arminas Lydeka"
lp:Armonia Bordes"Armonia Bordes"
lp:Arnaldo Colleselli"Arnaldo Colleselli"
lp:Arnaldo Forlani"Arnaldo Forlani"
lp:Arnaud Danjean"Arnaud Danjean"
lp:Arndt Kohn"Arndt Kohn"
lp:Arne Gericke"Arne Gericke"
lp:Arne Lietz"Arne Lietz"
lp:Arne Melchior"Arne Melchior"
lp:Arthur Stanley Newens"Arthur Stanley Newens"
lp:Artis Pabriks"Artis Pabriks"
lp:Artur Plokšto"Artur Plokšto"
lp:Artur Zasada"Artur Zasada"
lp:Artur da Cunha Oliveira"Artur da Cunha Oliveira"
lp:Arturo Juan Escuder Croft"Arturo Juan Escuder Croft"
lp:Arūnas Degutis"Arūnas Degutis"
lp:Ashley Fox"Ashley Fox"
lp:Ashley Mote"Ashley Mote"
lp:Asim Ademov"Asim Ademov"
lp:Assimakis Fotilas"Assimakis Fotilas"
lp:Astrid Lulling"Astrid Lulling"
lp:Astrid Thors"Astrid Thors"
lp:Atanas Paparizov"Atanas Paparizov"
lp:Athanasios Pafilis"Athanasios Pafilis"
lp:Athanasios Plevris"Athanasios Plevris"
lp:Atilla Béla Ladislau Kelemen"Atilla Béla Ladislau Kelemen"
lp:Attila László Gruber"Attila László Gruber"
lp:August M.C. De Winter"August M.C. De Winter"
lp:Auke Zijlstra"Auke Zijlstra"
lp:Aurelio Juri"Aurelio Juri"
lp:Avril Doyle"Avril Doyle"
lp:Axel Andersson"Axel Andersson"
lp:Axel N. Zarges"Axel N. Zarges"
lp:Axel Schäfer"Axel Schäfer"
lp:Axel Voss"Axel Voss"
lp:Aymeri de Montesquiou Fezensac"Aymeri de Montesquiou Fezensac"
lp:Aymeric Chauprade"Aymeric Chauprade"
lp:Bairbre de Brún"Bairbre de Brún"
lp:Balázs Hidvéghi"Balázs Hidvéghi"
lp:Barbara A. Castle"Barbara A. Castle"
lp:Barbara Kappel"Barbara Kappel"
lp:Barbara Kudrycka"Barbara Kudrycka"
lp:Barbara Lochbihler"Barbara Lochbihler"
lp:Barbara Matera"Barbara Matera"
lp:Barbara O'toole"Barbara O'toole"
lp:Barbara Schmidbauer"Barbara Schmidbauer"
lp:Barbara Simons"Barbara Simons"
lp:Barbara Spinelli"Barbara Spinelli"
lp:Barbara Weiler"Barbara Weiler"
lp:Baroness Christine M. Crawley"Baroness Christine M. Crawley"
lp:Baroness Nicholson Of Winterbourne"Baroness Nicholson Of Winterbourne"
lp:Baroness Nosheena Mobarik"Baroness Nosheena Mobarik"
lp:Baroness Sarah Ludford"Baroness Sarah Ludford"
lp:Barry Desmond"Barry Desmond"
lp:Barry H. Seal"Barry H. Seal"
lp:Barry Madlener"Barry Madlener"
lp:Bart Staes"Bart Staes"
lp:Bartho Pronk"Bartho Pronk"
lp:Bas Belder"Bas Belder"
lp:Bas Eickhout"Bas Eickhout"
lp:Bashir Khanbhai"Bashir Khanbhai"
lp:Basil de Ferranti"Basil de Ferranti"
lp:Beata Gosiewska"Beata Gosiewska"
lp:Beate Ann Brookes"Beate Ann Brookes"
lp:Beate Weber"Beate Weber"
lp:Beatrix von Storch"Beatrix von Storch"
lp:Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea"Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea"
lp:Ben Fayot"Ben Fayot"
lp:Ben Visser"Ben Visser"
lp:Bendt Bendtsen"Bendt Bendtsen"
lp:Benedek Jávor"Benedek Jávor"
lp:Benedetto Della Vedova"Benedetto Della Vedova"
lp:Benedikt Härlin"Benedikt Härlin"
lp:Bengt Hurtig"Bengt Hurtig"
lp:Bengt-Ola Ryttar"Bengt-Ola Ryttar"
lp:Beniamino Donnici"Beniamino Donnici"
lp:Benigno Zaccagnini"Benigno Zaccagnini"
lp:Benoît Hamon"Benoît Hamon"
lp:Bent Hindrup Andersen"Bent Hindrup Andersen"
lp:Bernadette Bourzai"Bernadette Bourzai"
lp:Bernadette Vergnaud"Bernadette Vergnaud"
lp:Bernard Antony"Bernard Antony"
lp:Bernard Castagnède"Bernard Castagnède"
lp:Bernard Drzęźla"Bernard Drzęźla"
lp:Bernard Frimat"Bernard Frimat"
lp:Bernard Kouchner"Bernard Kouchner"
lp:Bernard Lehideux"Bernard Lehideux"
lp:Bernard Monot"Bernard Monot"
lp:Bernard Poignant"Bernard Poignant"
lp:Bernard Pons"Bernard Pons"
lp:Bernard R. Tapie"Bernard R. Tapie"
lp:Bernard Soulage"Bernard Soulage"
lp:Bernard Stasi"Bernard Stasi"
lp:Bernard Thareau"Bernard Thareau"
lp:Bernard Wojciechowski"Bernard Wojciechowski"
lp:Bernardo Bayona Aznar"Bernardo Bayona Aznar"
lp:Bernat Joan i Marí"Bernat Joan i Marí"
lp:Bernd Kölmel"Bernd Kölmel"
lp:Bernd Lange"Bernd Lange"
lp:Bernd Lucke"Bernd Lucke"
lp:Bernd Posselt"Bernd Posselt"
lp:Bernhard Rapkay"Bernhard Rapkay"
lp:Bernhard Sälzer"Bernhard Sälzer"
lp:Bernie Malone"Bernie Malone"
lp:Bert Doorn"Bert Doorn"
lp:Bertel Haarder"Bertel Haarder"
lp:Bettino Craxi"Bettino Craxi"
lp:Biagio De Giovanni"Biagio De Giovanni"
lp:Biljana Borzan"Biljana Borzan"
lp:Bill Etheridge"Bill Etheridge"
lp:Bill Miller"Bill Miller"
lp:Bill Newton Dunn"Bill Newton Dunn"
lp:Bilyana Ilieva Raeva"Bilyana Ilieva Raeva"
lp:Birgit Bjørnvig"Birgit Bjørnvig"
lp:Birgit Collin-langen"Birgit Collin-langen"
lp:Birgit Cramon Daiber"Birgit Cramon Daiber"
lp:Birgit Schnieber-jastram"Birgit Schnieber-jastram"
lp:Birgit Sippel"Birgit Sippel"
lp:Birgitta Ahlqvist"Birgitta Ahlqvist"
lp:Birutė Vėsaitė"Birutė Vėsaitė"
lp:Blaise Aldo"Blaise Aldo"
lp:Bob van den Bos"Bob van den Bos"
lp:Bodil Boserup"Bodil Boserup"
lp:Bodil Valero"Bodil Valero"
lp:Bogdan Andrzej Zdrojewski"Bogdan Andrzej Zdrojewski"
lp:Bogdan Brunon Wenta"Bogdan Brunon Wenta"
lp:Bogdan Golik"Bogdan Golik"
lp:Bogdan Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz"Bogdan Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz"
lp:Bogdan Klich"Bogdan Klich"
lp:Bogdan Leszek Podgórski"Bogdan Leszek Podgórski"
lp:Bogdan Pęk"Bogdan Pęk"
lp:Bogusław Liberadzki"Bogusław Liberadzki"
lp:Bogusław Litwiniec"Bogusław Litwiniec"
lp:Bogusław Rogalski"Bogusław Rogalski"
lp:Bogusław Sonik"Bogusław Sonik"
lp:Bolesław G. Piecha"Bolesław G. Piecha"
lp:Boris Zala"Boris Zala"
lp:Boriss Cilevičs"Boriss Cilevičs"
lp:Borut Pahor"Borut Pahor"
lp:Bouke Beumer"Bouke Beumer"
lp:Bram van der Lek"Bram van der Lek"
lp:Brando Benifei"Brando Benifei"
lp:Branislav Škripek"Branislav Škripek"
lp:Brendan Halligan"Brendan Halligan"
lp:Brendan Patrick Donnelly"Brendan Patrick Donnelly"
lp:Brian Crowley"Brian Crowley"
lp:Brian H. Hord"Brian H. Hord"
lp:Brian Hayes"Brian Hayes"
lp:Brian M. Key"Brian M. Key"
lp:Brian Simpson"Brian Simpson"
lp:Brice Hortefeux"Brice Hortefeux"
lp:Brigitte Douay"Brigitte Douay"
lp:Brigitte Fouré"Brigitte Fouré"
lp:Brigitte Heinrich"Brigitte Heinrich"
lp:Brigitte Langenhagen"Brigitte Langenhagen"
lp:Brigitte U.J.M.J.G. Ernst de la Graete"Brigitte U.J.M.J.G. Ernst de la Graete"
lp:Brigitte Wenzel-perillo"Brigitte Wenzel-perillo"
lp:Britta Reimers"Britta Reimers"
lp:Britta Thomsen"Britta Thomsen"
lp:Bronis Ropė"Bronis Ropė"
lp:Bronisław Geremek"Bronisław Geremek"
lp:Bronisława Kowalska"Bronisława Kowalska"
lp:Bruno A.A. Mégret"Bruno A.A. Mégret"
lp:Bruno Boissière"Bruno Boissière"
lp:Bruno Ferrero"Bruno Ferrero"
lp:Bruno Friedrich"Bruno Friedrich"
lp:Bruno Gollnisch"Bruno Gollnisch"
lp:Bruno Trentin"Bruno Trentin"
lp:Bruno Visentini"Bruno Visentini"
lp:Bryan M.D. Cassidy"Bryan M.D. Cassidy"
lp:Burkhard Balz"Burkhard Balz"
lp:Bárbara Dührkop Dührkop"Bárbara Dührkop Dührkop"
lp:Béatrice Patrie"Béatrice Patrie"
lp:Béla Glattfelder"Béla Glattfelder"
lp:Béla Kovács"Béla Kovács"
lp:Calogero Lo Giudice"Calogero Lo Giudice"
lp:Camiel Eurlings"Camiel Eurlings"
lp:Camilo Nogueira Román"Camilo Nogueira Román"
lp:Carl Haglund"Carl Haglund"
lp:Carl Lang"Carl Lang"
lp:Carl Schlyter"Carl Schlyter"
lp:Carla Barbarella"Carla Barbarella"
Skipped 2,662 rows
lp:Rolandas Paksas"Rolandas Paksas"
lp:Rolandas Pavilionis"Rolandas Pavilionis"
lp:Rolf Berend"Rolf Berend"
lp:Rolf Linkohr"Rolf Linkohr"
lp:Roman Jakič"Roman Jakič"
lp:Romana Jordan"Romana Jordan"
lp:Romana Tomc"Romana Tomc"
lp:Romanas Algimantas Sedlickas"Romanas Algimantas Sedlickas"
lp:Romano Maria La Russa"Romano Maria La Russa"
lp:Rory Palmer"Rory Palmer"
lp:Rosa D'amato"Rosa D'amato"
lp:Rosa Díez González"Rosa Díez González"
lp:Rosa Estaràs Ferragut"Rosa Estaràs Ferragut"
lp:Rosa Miguélez Ramos"Rosa Miguélez Ramos"
lp:Rosaria Bindi"Rosaria Bindi"
lp:Rosario Crocetta"Rosario Crocetta"
lp:Rosario Romeo"Rosario Romeo"
lp:Roseline Vachetta"Roseline Vachetta"
lp:Roselyne Bachelot-narquin"Roselyne Bachelot-narquin"
lp:Roselyne Lefrançois"Roselyne Lefrançois"
lp:Rosemarie Müller"Rosemarie Müller"
lp:Rosemarie Wemheuer"Rosemarie Wemheuer"
lp:Rovana Plumb"Rovana Plumb"
lp:Roy Perry"Roy Perry"
lp:Rudi Arndt"Rudi Arndt"
lp:Rudolf F. Schieler"Rudolf F. Schieler"
lp:Rudolf Luster"Rudolf Luster"
lp:Rudolf Wedekind"Rudolf Wedekind"
lp:Rudolf Žiak"Rudolf Žiak"
lp:Ruggero Puletti"Ruggero Puletti"
lp:Rui Amaral"Rui Amaral"
lp:Rui Manuel Almeida Mendes"Rui Manuel Almeida Mendes"
lp:Rui Tavares"Rui Tavares"
lp:Rui Vieira"Rui Vieira"
lp:Rumiana Jeleva"Rumiana Jeleva"
lp:Rupert Matthews"Rupert Matthews"
lp:Ruth Hieronymi"Ruth Hieronymi"
lp:Ruža Tomašić"Ruža Tomašić"
lp:Ryszard Antoni Legutko"Ryszard Antoni Legutko"
lp:Ryszard Czarnecki"Ryszard Czarnecki"
lp:Ryszard Roman Kalisz"Ryszard Roman Kalisz"
lp:Róża Gräfin von Thun Und Hohenstein"Róża Gräfin von Thun Und Hohenstein"
lp:Rüdiger Hitzigrath"Rüdiger Hitzigrath"
lp:Rüdiger von Wechmar"Rüdiger von Wechmar"
lp:Răzvan Popa"Răzvan Popa"
lp:Saara-Maria Paakkinen"Saara-Maria Paakkinen"
lp:Sabine Lösing"Sabine Lösing"
lp:Sabine Verheyen"Sabine Verheyen"
lp:Sabine Wils"Sabine Wils"
lp:Sabine Zissener"Sabine Zissener"
lp:Sahra Wagenknecht"Sahra Wagenknecht"
lp:Sajjad Karim"Sajjad Karim"
lp:Salvador Domingo Sanz Palacio"Salvador Domingo Sanz Palacio"
lp:Salvador Garriga Polledo"Salvador Garriga Polledo"
lp:Salvador Jové Peres"Salvador Jové Peres"
lp:Salvador Sedó i Alabart"Salvador Sedó i Alabart"
lp:Salvatore Caronna"Salvatore Caronna"
lp:Salvatore Cicu"Salvatore Cicu"
lp:Salvatore Domenico Pogliese"Salvatore Domenico Pogliese"
lp:Salvatore Iacolino"Salvatore Iacolino"
lp:Salvatore Lima"Salvatore Lima"
lp:Salvatore Tatarella"Salvatore Tatarella"
lp:Sami Naïr"Sami Naïr"
lp:Sampo Terho"Sampo Terho"
lp:Samuli Pohjamo"Samuli Pohjamo"
lp:Sander Loones"Sander Loones"
lp:Sandra Kalniete"Sandra Kalniete"
lp:Sandra Petrović Jakovina"Sandra Petrović Jakovina"
lp:Sandrine Bélier"Sandrine Bélier"
lp:Santiago Fisas Ayxelà"Santiago Fisas Ayxelà"
lp:Sari Essayah"Sari Essayah"
lp:Satu Hassi"Satu Hassi"
lp:Saïd El Khadraoui"Saïd El Khadraoui"
lp:Seb Dance"Seb Dance"
lp:Sebastian Valentin Bodu"Sebastian Valentin Bodu"
lp:Sebastiano (Nello) Musumeci"Sebastiano (Nello) Musumeci"
lp:Sebastiano Sanzarello"Sebastiano Sanzarello"
lp:Sepp Kusstatscher"Sepp Kusstatscher"
lp:Seppo Viljo Pelttari"Seppo Viljo Pelttari"
lp:Sergei Stanishev"Sergei Stanishev"
lp:Sergej Kozlík"Sergej Kozlík"
lp:Sergio Berlato"Sergio Berlato"
lp:Sergio Camillo Segre"Sergio Camillo Segre"
lp:Sergio Ercini"Sergio Ercini"
lp:Sergio Gaetano Cofferati"Sergio Gaetano Cofferati"
lp:Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto"Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto"
lp:Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris"Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris"
lp:Sergio Pininfarina"Sergio Pininfarina"
lp:Seán Flanagan"Seán Flanagan"
lp:Seán Kelly"Seán Kelly"
lp:Seán Treacy"Seán Treacy"
lp:Seán Ó Neachtain"Seán Ó Neachtain"
lp:Sharon Bowles"Sharon Bowles"
lp:Shaun Mark Spiers"Shaun Mark Spiers"
lp:Sheila Faith"Sheila Faith"
lp:Sidonia Elżbieta Jędrzejewska"Sidonia Elżbieta Jędrzejewska"
lp:Siegbert Alber"Siegbert Alber"
lp:Siegfried Mureşan"Siegfried Mureşan"
lp:Siiri Oviir"Siiri Oviir"
lp:Sile De Valera"Sile De Valera"
lp:Silva Golde"Silva Golde"
lp:Silvana Koch-mehrin"Silvana Koch-mehrin"
lp:Silvia Ciornei"Silvia Ciornei"
lp:Silvia Costa"Silvia Costa"
lp:Silvia-Adriana Țicău"Silvia-Adriana Țicău"
lp:Silvio Berlusconi"Silvio Berlusconi"
lp:Silvio Lega"Silvio Lega"
lp:Silvio Leonardi"Silvio Leonardi"
lp:Silvio Vitale"Silvio Vitale"
lp:Simon Busuttil"Simon Busuttil"
lp:Simon Coveney"Simon Coveney"
lp:Simon Francis Murphy"Simon Francis Murphy"
lp:Simona Bonafè"Simona Bonafè"
lp:Simone M.M. Martin"Simone M.M. Martin"
lp:Simone Veil"Simone Veil"
lp:Sir Brandon Rhys Williams"Sir Brandon Rhys Williams"
lp:Sir Christopher J. Prout (Lord Kingsland)"Sir Christopher J. Prout (Lord Kingsland)"
lp:Sir David Lancaster Nicolson"Sir David Lancaster Nicolson"
lp:Sir Fred Catherwood"Sir Fred Catherwood"
lp:Sir Graham Watson"Sir Graham Watson"
lp:Sir Jack Stewart-clark"Sir Jack Stewart-clark"
lp:Sir James Scott-hopkins"Sir James Scott-hopkins"
lp:Sir Peter B.R. Vanneck"Sir Peter B.R. Vanneck"
lp:Sir Robert Atkins"Sir Robert Atkins"
lp:Sir Tom Normanton"Sir Tom Normanton"
lp:Sirkka-Liisa Anttila"Sirkka-Liisa Anttila"
lp:Sirpa Pietikäinen"Sirpa Pietikäinen"
lp:Siôn Simon"Siôn Simon"
lp:Sjouke Jonker"Sjouke Jonker"
lp:Ska Keller"Ska Keller"
lp:Slavi Binev"Slavi Binev"
lp:Sofia Ribeiro"Sofia Ribeiro"
lp:Sofia Sakorafa"Sofia Sakorafa"
lp:Solange Fernex"Solange Fernex"
lp:Soledad Cabezón Ruiz"Soledad Cabezón Ruiz"
lp:Sonia Alfano"Sonia Alfano"
lp:Sophia in 't Veld"Sophia in 't Veld"
lp:Sophie Auconie"Sophie Auconie"
lp:Sophie Montel"Sophie Montel"
lp:Sophocles Sophocleous"Sophocles Sophocleous"
lp:Soraya Post"Soraya Post"
lp:Sorin Frunzăverde"Sorin Frunzăverde"
lp:Sorin Moisă"Sorin Moisă"
lp:Sotirios Zarianopoulos"Sotirios Zarianopoulos"
lp:Sotiris Kostopoulos"Sotiris Kostopoulos"
lp:Spalato Bellere'"Spalato Bellere'"
lp:Spiridon Kolokotronis"Spiridon Kolokotronis"
lp:Spyridon Markozanis"Spyridon Markozanis"
lp:Spyridon Plaskovitis"Spyridon Plaskovitis"
lp:Spyridon Zournatzis"Spyridon Zournatzis"
lp:Spyros Danellis"Spyros Danellis"
lp:Staffan Burenstam Linder"Staffan Burenstam Linder"
lp:Stanimir Ilchev"Stanimir Ilchev"
lp:Stanislav Polčák"Stanislav Polčák"
lp:Stanislaw Tillich"Stanislaw Tillich"
lp:Stanisław Jałowiecki"Stanisław Jałowiecki"
lp:Stanisław Ożóg"Stanisław Ożóg"
lp:Stanisław Łyżwiński"Stanisław Łyżwiński"
lp:Stanisław Żółtek"Stanisław Żółtek"
lp:Stanley P. Johnson"Stanley P. Johnson"
lp:Stavros Arnaoutakis"Stavros Arnaoutakis"
lp:Stavros Lambrinidis"Stavros Lambrinidis"
lp:Stavros Xarchakos"Stavros Xarchakos"
lp:Steeve Briois"Steeve Briois"
lp:Stefan Eck"Stefan Eck"
lp:Stefan Sofianski"Stefan Sofianski"
lp:Stefano De Luca"Stefano De Luca"
lp:Stefano Maullu"Stefano Maullu"
lp:Stefano Zappala'"Stefano Zappala'"
lp:Stelios Argyros"Stelios Argyros"
lp:Stelios Kouloglou"Stelios Kouloglou"
lp:Stephen Hughes"Stephen Hughes"
lp:Steven Woolfe"Steven Woolfe"
lp:Struan Stevenson"Struan Stevenson"
lp:Stylianos Panagopoulos"Stylianos Panagopoulos"
lp:Stéphane Buffetaut"Stéphane Buffetaut"
lp:Stéphane Dermaux"Stéphane Dermaux"
lp:Stéphane Le Foll"Stéphane Le Foll"
lp:Susan A. Waddington"Susan A. Waddington"
lp:Susanna Agnelli"Susanna Agnelli"
lp:Susanne Melior"Susanne Melior"
lp:Susanne Riess-passer"Susanne Riess-passer"
lp:Susy De Martini"Susy De Martini"
lp:Suzanne Dekker"Suzanne Dekker"
lp:Sven Giegold"Sven Giegold"
lp:Sven Schulze"Sven Schulze"
lp:Sven Skovmand"Sven Skovmand"
lp:Svetoslav Hristov Malinov"Svetoslav Hristov Malinov"
lp:Syed Kamall"Syed Kamall"
lp:Sylvana Rapti"Sylvana Rapti"
lp:Sylvester Barrett"Sylvester Barrett"
lp:Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann"Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann"
lp:Sylviane H. Ainardi"Sylviane H. Ainardi"
lp:Sylvie Goddyn"Sylvie Goddyn"
lp:Sylvie Goulard"Sylvie Goulard"
lp:Sylvie Guillaume"Sylvie Guillaume"
lp:Sylvie Mayer"Sylvie Mayer"
lp:Sylwester Chruszcz"Sylwester Chruszcz"
lp:Sylwia Pusz"Sylwia Pusz"
lp:Szabolcs Fazakas"Szabolcs Fazakas"
lp:Sándor Kónya-hamar"Sándor Kónya-hamar"
lp:Séamus Pattison"Séamus Pattison"
lp:Sérgio Marques"Sérgio Marques"
lp:Sérgio Ribeiro"Sérgio Ribeiro"
lp:Sérgio Sousa Pinto"Sérgio Sousa Pinto"
lp:Sören Wibe"Sören Wibe"
lp:Søren Bo Søndergaard"Søren Bo Søndergaard"
lp:Sławomir Kłosowski"Sławomir Kłosowski"
lp:Sławomir Nitras"Sławomir Nitras"
lp:Tadeusz Cymański"Tadeusz Cymański"
lp:Tadeusz Iwiński"Tadeusz Iwiński"
lp:Tadeusz Ross"Tadeusz Ross"
lp:Tadeusz Zwiefka"Tadeusz Zwiefka"
lp:Takis Hadjigeorgiou"Takis Hadjigeorgiou"
lp:Tamás Deutsch"Tamás Deutsch"
lp:Tamás Meszerics"Tamás Meszerics"
lp:Tania González Peñas"Tania González Peñas"
lp:Tanja Fajon"Tanja Fajon"
lp:Tarja Cronberg"Tarja Cronberg"
lp:Tatjana Ždanoka"Tatjana Ždanoka"
lp:Tchetin Kazak"Tchetin Kazak"
lp:Terence Wynn"Terence Wynn"
lp:Teresa Almeida Garrett"Teresa Almeida Garrett"
lp:Teresa Domingo Segarra"Teresa Domingo Segarra"
lp:Teresa Jiménez-becerril Barrio"Teresa Jiménez-becerril Barrio"
lp:Teresa Riera Madurell"Teresa Riera Madurell"
lp:Teresa Rodriguez-rubio"Teresa Rodriguez-rubio"
lp:Terrence J. (Terry) Pitt"Terrence J. (Terry) Pitt"
lp:Terry Reintke"Terry Reintke"
lp:Teun Tolman"Teun Tolman"
lp:The Baroness Elles"The Baroness Elles"
lp:The Earl Of Stockton"The Earl Of Stockton"
lp:The Lord Douro"The Lord Douro"
lp:The Lord Harmar-nicholls"The Lord Harmar-nicholls"
lp:The Lord Inglewood"The Lord Inglewood"
lp:The Lord John E. Tomlinson"The Lord John E. Tomlinson"
lp:The Lord Nicholas Bethell"The Lord Nicholas Bethell"
lp:The Lord O'hagan"The Lord O'hagan"
lp:The Lord Plumb"The Lord Plumb"
lp:Themistokles Visas"Themistokles Visas"
lp:Theodor Dumitru Stolojan"Theodor Dumitru Stolojan"
lp:Theodoros Skylakakis"Theodoros Skylakakis"
lp:Theodoros Zagorakis"Theodoros Zagorakis"
lp:Theodorus J.J. Bouwman"Theodorus J.J. Bouwman"
lp:Theresa Griffin"Theresa Griffin"
lp:Theresa Villiers"Theresa Villiers"
lp:Theresa Zabell"Theresa Zabell"
lp:Therese Comodini Cachia"Therese Comodini Cachia"
lp:Thierry B. Jean-pierre"Thierry B. Jean-pierre"
lp:Thierry Cornillet"Thierry Cornillet"
lp:Thierry de La Perriere"Thierry de La Perriere"
lp:Thijs Berman"Thijs Berman"
lp:Thomas Händel"Thomas Händel"
lp:Thomas Joseph Maher"Thomas Joseph Maher"
lp:Thomas Mann"Thomas Mann"
lp:Thomas Megahy"Thomas Megahy"
lp:Thomas Raftery"Thomas Raftery"
lp:Thomas Ulmer"Thomas Ulmer"
lp:Thomas Waitz"Thomas Waitz"
lp:Thomas Wise"Thomas Wise"
lp:Thomas von der Vring"Thomas von der Vring"
lp:Tiberiu Bărbulețiu"Tiberiu Bărbulețiu"
lp:Tibor Szanyi"Tibor Szanyi"
lp:Tiemo Wölken"Tiemo Wölken"
lp:Tim Aker"Tim Aker"
lp:Timo Juhani Järvilahti"Timo Juhani Järvilahti"
lp:Timo Soini"Timo Soini"
lp:Timothy Kirkhope"Timothy Kirkhope"
lp:Titus Corlățean"Titus Corlățean"
lp:Tiziana Beghin"Tiziana Beghin"
lp:Tiziano Motti"Tiziano Motti"
lp:Tobias Pflüger"Tobias Pflüger"
lp:Toine Manders"Toine Manders"
lp:Tokia Saïfi"Tokia Saïfi"
lp:Tom G. O'donnell"Tom G. O'donnell"
lp:Tom Spencer"Tom Spencer"
lp:Tom Vandenkendelaere"Tom Vandenkendelaere"
lp:Tomasz Piotr Poręba"Tomasz Piotr Poręba"
lp:Tomislav Donchev"Tomislav Donchev"
lp:Tommaso Rossi"Tommaso Rossi"
lp:Tommy Waidelich"Tommy Waidelich"
lp:Tomáš Galbavỷ"Tomáš Galbavỷ"
lp:Tomáš Zatloukal"Tomáš Zatloukal"
lp:Tomáš Zdechovský"Tomáš Zdechovský"
lp:Tonino Picula"Tonino Picula"
lp:Tony A. Cunningham"Tony A. Cunningham"
lp:Toomas Hendrik Ilves"Toomas Hendrik Ilves"
lp:Toomas Savi"Toomas Savi"
lp:Torben Lund"Torben Lund"
lp:Tove Nielsen"Tove Nielsen"
lp:Traian Ungureanu"Traian Ungureanu"
lp:Trevor Colman"Trevor Colman"
lp:Tullia Carettoni Romagnoli"Tullia Carettoni Romagnoli"
lp:Tullio Eugenio Regge"Tullio Eugenio Regge"
lp:Tunne Kelam"Tunne Kelam"
lp:Udo Bullmann"Udo Bullmann"
lp:Udo Voigt"Udo Voigt"
lp:Ulf Holm"Ulf Holm"
lp:Ulla Margrethe Sandbæk"Ulla Margrethe Sandbæk"
lp:Ulla Tørnæs"Ulla Tørnæs"
lp:Ulpu Iivari"Ulpu Iivari"
lp:Ulrich Irmer"Ulrich Irmer"
lp:Ulrich Stockmann"Ulrich Stockmann"
lp:Ulrike Lunacek"Ulrike Lunacek"
lp:Ulrike Müller"Ulrike Müller"
lp:Ulrike Rodust"Ulrike Rodust"
lp:Ulrike Trebesius"Ulrike Trebesius"
lp:Uma Aaltonen"Uma Aaltonen"
lp:Umberto Bossi"Umberto Bossi"
lp:Umberto Cardia"Umberto Cardia"
lp:Umberto Guidoni"Umberto Guidoni"
lp:Umberto Pirilli"Umberto Pirilli"
lp:Umberto Scapagnini"Umberto Scapagnini"
lp:Undine-Uta Bloch von Blottnitz"Undine-Uta Bloch von Blottnitz"
lp:Urmas Paet"Urmas Paet"
lp:Ursula Braun-moser"Ursula Braun-moser"
lp:Ursula Schleicher"Ursula Schleicher"
lp:Ursula Stenzel"Ursula Stenzel"
lp:Urszula Gacek"Urszula Gacek"
lp:Urszula Krupa"Urszula Krupa"
lp:Valdemar Tomaševski"Valdemar Tomaševski"
lp:Valdis Dombrovskis"Valdis Dombrovskis"
lp:Valentinas Mazuronis"Valentinas Mazuronis"
lp:Valerio Baldini"Valerio Baldini"
lp:Valéry Giscard d'ESTAING"Valéry Giscard d'ESTAING"
lp:Vasco Garcia"Vasco Garcia"
lp:Vasco Graça Moura"Vasco Graça Moura"
lp:Vasile Dîncu"Vasile Dîncu"
lp:Vasile Pușcaș"Vasile Pușcaș"
lp:Vassilis Ephremidis"Vassilis Ephremidis"
lp:Vera Squarcialupi"Vera Squarcialupi"
lp:Veronica Mary Hardstaff"Veronica Mary Hardstaff"
lp:Veronica Palm"Veronica Palm"
lp:Verónica Lope Fontagné"Verónica Lope Fontagné"
lp:Vicente Miguel Garcés Ramón"Vicente Miguel Garcés Ramón"
lp:Vicky Ford"Vicky Ford"
lp:Vicky Maeijer"Vicky Maeijer"
lp:Victor Abens"Victor Abens"
lp:Victor Boştinaru"Victor Boştinaru"
lp:Victor J.J. Michel"Victor J.J. Michel"
lp:Victor Negrescu"Victor Negrescu"
lp:Victor Sablé"Victor Sablé"
lp:Viktor Uspaskich"Viktor Uspaskich"
lp:Viktória Mohácsi"Viktória Mohácsi"
lp:Viliam Veteška"Viliam Veteška"
lp:Vilija Blinkevičiūtė"Vilija Blinkevičiūtė"
lp:Vilja Savisaar-toomast"Vilja Savisaar-toomast"
lp:Ville Itälä"Ville Itälä"
lp:Vilém Holáň"Vilém Holáň"
lp:Vincent F.M. Ansquer"Vincent F.M. Ansquer"
lp:Vincent Peillon"Vincent Peillon"
lp:Vincenzo Aita"Vincenzo Aita"
lp:Vincenzo Bettiza"Vincenzo Bettiza"
lp:Vincenzo Gatto"Vincenzo Gatto"
lp:Vincenzo Giummarra"Vincenzo Giummarra"
lp:Vincenzo Iovine"Vincenzo Iovine"
lp:Vincenzo Lavarra"Vincenzo Lavarra"
lp:Vincenzo Mattina"Vincenzo Mattina"
lp:Vincenzo Viola"Vincenzo Viola"
lp:Viorica Dăncilă"Viorica Dăncilă"
lp:Viorica-Pompilia-Georgeta Moisuc"Viorica-Pompilia-Georgeta Moisuc"
lp:Virginie Rozière"Virginie Rozière"
lp:Virginio Bettini"Virginio Bettini"
lp:Virgílio Pereira"Virgílio Pereira"
lp:Vital Moreira"Vital Moreira"
lp:Vitaliano Gemelli"Vitaliano Gemelli"
lp:Vito Bonsignore"Vito Bonsignore"
lp:Vito Napoli"Vito Napoli"
lp:Vittorino Chiusano"Vittorino Chiusano"
lp:Vittorio Agnoletto"Vittorio Agnoletto"
lp:Vittorio Prodi"Vittorio Prodi"
lp:Vittorio Sgarbi"Vittorio Sgarbi"
lp:Viviane Reding"Viviane Reding"
lp:Vladimir Urutchev"Vladimir Urutchev"
lp:Vladimír Laštůvka"Vladimír Laštůvka"
lp:Vladimír Maňka"Vladimír Maňka"
lp:Vladimír Remek"Vladimír Remek"
lp:Vladimír Železný"Vladimír Železný"
lp:Vladko Todorov Panayotov"Vladko Todorov Panayotov"
lp:Vojtěch Mynář"Vojtěch Mynář"
lp:Volkmar Gabert"Volkmar Gabert"
lp:Vural Öger"Vural Öger"
lp:Vytautas Kvietkauskas"Vytautas Kvietkauskas"
lp:Vytautas Landsbergis"Vytautas Landsbergis"
lp:Véronique De Keyser"Véronique De Keyser"
lp:Véronique Mathieu Houillon"Véronique Mathieu Houillon"
lp:Víctor Manuel Arbeloa Muru"Víctor Manuel Arbeloa Muru"
lp:Věra Flasarová"Věra Flasarová"
lp:W.G. van Velzen"W.G. van Velzen"
lp:Wacław Klukowski"Wacław Klukowski"
lp:Wajid Khan"Wajid Khan"
lp:Walter Posch"Walter Posch"
lp:Walter Rosa"Walter Rosa"
lp:Walter Veltroni"Walter Veltroni"
lp:Ward Beysen"Ward Beysen"
lp:Wayne David"Wayne David"
lp:Werner Amberg"Werner Amberg"
lp:Werner Kuhn"Werner Kuhn"
lp:Werner Langen"Werner Langen"
lp:Werner Münch"Werner Münch"
lp:Werner Schulz"Werner Schulz"
lp:Wiesław Stefan Kuc"Wiesław Stefan Kuc"
lp:Wilfried A.E. Martens"Wilfried A.E. Martens"
lp:Wilfried Kuckelkorn"Wilfried Kuckelkorn"
lp:Wilfried Telkämper"Wilfried Telkämper"
lp:Wilhelm F.T. Hahn"Wilhelm F.T. Hahn"
lp:Wilhelm Helms"Wilhelm Helms"
lp:Willem Albers"Willem Albers"
lp:Willem J. Vergeer"Willem J. Vergeer"
lp:Willem Schuth"Willem Schuth"
lp:Willi Görlach"Willi Görlach"
lp:Willi Piecyk"Willi Piecyk"
lp:Willi Rothley"Willi Rothley"
lp:William (The Earl of) Dartmouth"William (The Earl of) Dartmouth"
lp:William Abitbol"William Abitbol"
lp:William J. Hopper"William J. Hopper"
lp:Willy Brandt"Willy Brandt"
lp:Willy C.E.H. De Clercq"Willy C.E.H. De Clercq"
lp:Willy H.G.J.M. Kuijpers"Willy H.G.J.M. Kuijpers"
lp:Willy Meyer"Willy Meyer"
lp:Willy Vernimmen"Willy Vernimmen"
lp:Wilmya Zimmermann"Wilmya Zimmermann"
lp:Wim van Velzen"Wim van Velzen"
lp:Wim van de Camp"Wim van de Camp"
lp:Winfried Menrad"Winfried Menrad"
lp:Winifred M. Ewing"Winifred M. Ewing"
lp:Witold Tomczak"Witold Tomczak"
lp:Wojciech Michał Olejniczak"Wojciech Michał Olejniczak"
lp:Wojciech Roszkowski"Wojciech Roszkowski"
lp:Wojciech Wierzejski"Wojciech Wierzejski"
lp:Wolf Klinz"Wolf Klinz"
lp:Wolfgang Bulfon"Wolfgang Bulfon"
lp:Wolfgang Hackel"Wolfgang Hackel"
lp:Wolfgang Ilgenfritz"Wolfgang Ilgenfritz"
lp:Wolfgang Jung"Wolfgang Jung"
lp:Wolfgang Kreissl-dörfler"Wolfgang Kreissl-dörfler"
lp:Wolfgang Nußbaumer"Wolfgang Nußbaumer"
lp:Wolfgang Schall"Wolfgang Schall"
lp:Wolfgang Ullmann"Wolfgang Ullmann"
lp:Wolfgang von Nostitz"Wolfgang von Nostitz"
lp:Xabier Benito Ziluaga"Xabier Benito Ziluaga"
lp:Xaver Mayer"Xaver Mayer"
lp:Xavier Deniau"Xavier Deniau"
lp:Xavier Rubert De Ventós"Xavier Rubert De Ventós"
lp:Yana Toom"Yana Toom"
lp:Yannick Jadot"Yannick Jadot"
lp:Yannick Vaugrenard"Yannick Vaugrenard"
lp:Yannis Coutsocheras"Yannis Coutsocheras"
lp:Yannos Kranidiotis"Yannos Kranidiotis"
lp:Yasmine Boudjenah"Yasmine Boudjenah"
lp:Yiannakis Matsis"Yiannakis Matsis"
lp:Yiannis Roubatis"Yiannis Roubatis"
lp:Younous Omarjee"Younous Omarjee"
lp:Yvan M. Blot"Yvan M. Blot"
lp:Yves A.R. Galland"Yves A.R. Galland"
lp:Yves Butel"Yves Butel"
lp:Yves Cochet"Yves Cochet"
lp:Yves Frémion"Yves Frémion"
lp:Yves Piétrasanta"Yves Piétrasanta"
lp:Yves Verwaerde"Yves Verwaerde"
lp:Yvette M. Fuillet"Yvette M. Fuillet"
lp:Yvette Roudy"Yvette Roudy"
lp:Yvon Briant"Yvon Briant"
lp:Yvonne M.C.Th. van Rooy"Yvonne M.C.Th. van Rooy"
lp:Yvonne Sandberg-fries"Yvonne Sandberg-fries"
lp:Yvonne Théobald-paoli"Yvonne Théobald-paoli"
lp:Zbigniew Chrzanowski"Zbigniew Chrzanowski"
lp:Zbigniew Kuźmiuk"Zbigniew Kuźmiuk"
lp:Zbigniew Zaleski"Zbigniew Zaleski"
lp:Zbigniew Ziobro"Zbigniew Ziobro"
lp:Zbyszek Zaborowski"Zbyszek Zaborowski"
lp:Zdravka Bušić"Zdravka Bušić"
lp:Zdzisław Kazimierz Chmielewski"Zdzisław Kazimierz Chmielewski"
lp:Zdzisław Krasnodębski"Zdzisław Krasnodębski"
lp:Zdzisław Zbigniew Podkański"Zdzisław Zbigniew Podkański"
lp:Zenon-José Luis Paz"Zenon-José Luis Paz"
lp:Zigmantas Balčytis"Zigmantas Balčytis"
lp:Zita Gurmai"Zita Gurmai"
lp:Zita Pleštinská"Zita Pleštinská"
lp:Zofia Grzebisz-nowicka"Zofia Grzebisz-nowicka"
lp:Zofija Mazej Kukovič"Zofija Mazej Kukovič"
lp:Zoltan Szabó"Zoltan Szabó"
lp:Zoltán Bagó"Zoltán Bagó"
lp:Zoltán Balczó"Zoltán Balczó"
lp:Zoran Thaler"Zoran Thaler"
lp:Zsolt László Becsey"Zsolt László Becsey"
lp:Zsolt Németh"Zsolt Németh"
lp:Zuzana Brzobohatá"Zuzana Brzobohatá"
lp:Zuzana Roithová"Zuzana Roithová"
lp:Zygmunt Alojzy Cybulski"Zygmunt Alojzy Cybulski"
lp:Ádám Kósa"Ádám Kósa"
lp:Ágnes Hankiss"Ágnes Hankiss"
lp:Ágnes Vadai"Ágnes Vadai"
lp:Ángela Vallina"Ángela Vallina"
lp:Árpád Duka-zólyomi"Árpád Duka-zólyomi"
lp:Åsa Westlund"Åsa Westlund"
lp:Íñigo Méndez De Vigo"Íñigo Méndez De Vigo"
lp:Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis"Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis"
lp:Šarūnas Birutis"Šarūnas Birutis"
lp:Željana Zovko"Željana Zovko"