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?:AllMovie artist ID
?:AlloCiné person ID
?:Commons category
?:Elonet person ID
?:Freebase ID
"0000 0000 7824 0080"
?:Kinopoisk person ID
?:Library of Congress authority ID
?:MEP directory ID
?:PORT person ID
?:SFDb person ID
?:cinematografo name or company ID
?:country of citizenship
?:date of birth
"ممثل إيطالي"@ar
"ইতালীয় অভিনেতা"@bn
"actor italià"@ca
"italienischer Schauspieler und Sänger"@de
"Ιταλός ηθοποιός"@el
"Italian actor"@en
"Italian actor"@en-ca
"Italian actor"@en-gb
"actor italiano"@es
"Itaalia näitleja"@et
"سیاست‌مدار، فیلمنامه‌نویس، بازیگر، و کارگردان ایتالیایی"@fa
"acteur italien"@fr
"actor italiano"@gl
"attore italiano"@it
"Italiaans acteur"@nl
"actor italian"@ro
"aktor italian"@sq
?:given name
?:instance of
?:languages spoken, written or signed
?:name in native language
"Enrico Montesano"@it
?:place of birth
?:position held
?:sex or gender
?:work location
?:ČSFD person ID

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