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"Several countries are actively preparing for cyber warfare by setting up structures dedicated to cyber defence, but also intelligence and network penetration. Many public and private organisations are victims of daily attacks. Large-scale cyber attacks have been carried out throughout the world in recent years. Highly computerised modern societies are vulnerable to such attacks. The victims are businesses, public authorities and vital economic and industrial infrastructures under development. On the technical front, never has a set of technologies so swiftly and deeply embedded itself in human activity. The development of a more secure cyberspace requires greater involvement from states in network regulation and crisis management. It is therefore essential for Europe to establish itself as a forum for discussion and regulation in this field. Too often in recent times, we in the European Parliament have had in our hands texts with an unpleasant tendency to try to erase a number of individual freedoms, under various pretexts. Europe must guarantee to all its citizens that the boundary between security and privacy will always be maintained and supervised to the greatest possible extent!"@en1

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