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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the global market for solar cells has obviously collapsed, a situation which in my view has undoubtedly been caused first and foremost by dumping and subsidies in China. Overcapacity has now reached such a dramatic scale that in 2011, according to Goldman Sachs, production capacity stood at 45 gigawatts in China alone, compared with only 28 gigawatts of new installations worldwide. I am firmly opposed to protectionism, but in this instance, the dumping is obvious. My first request to the Commission is this: we should do our utmost to ensure that the maximum nine-month period for the preliminary investigations is not utilised to the full. The Commission should do everything in its power to speed up the investigations so that they can be concluded well before the maximum nine-month period expires. Secondly, there are signs that at present, the warehouses are being emptied at a very rapid pace in China, with shiploads of solar modules now already being transported to the European Union. I therefore request the Commission to look at the issue of pre-registration as well. We must do our utmost to ensure that this anti-dumping instrument, should it enter into force, can achieve at least a modicum of effectiveness. That brings us to the issue at hand. I have serious doubts that we can solve the problem by means of the anti-dumping instrument and negotiations. What the Chinese have done here, particularly in recent months, is unbelievable! My greatest concern is that the Chinese Government is clearly exerting massive pressure on many companies in the European Union. We cannot have a situation in which companies – and not just a few, but large numbers – come to us in Parliament and say: ‘Please do everything you can to ensure that this anti-dumping case does not go ahead. Please help us, because if it does go ahead, we must expect massive restrictions in the Chinese market’. For that very reason, it is time we sent a clear signal to China at long last that the situation that has prevailed over recent years cannot continue. We have sheathed our claws for far too long in these dumping cases. It is time to stop knuckling under! My problem is as follows. Companies are coming to me and saying that this case should not be taken forward, there is nothing more that can be salvaged, and we would do better to focus on the next case. However, when the next case comes around, it will be the same scenario and we will hear exactly the same arguments being put forward. I would be very grateful if the Commission could investigate this anti-dumping case swiftly and then act fast to take effective measures, if there is clear evidence that dumping is indeed taking place."@en1

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