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"Mr President, I think that this shale gas propaganda exhibition outside has already proved to be a wonderful own goal, by demonstrating how dishonestly these interest groups operate. I can only extend my congratulations. As far as our debate is concerned, Mr Oettinger, you know, at least from Mr Potočnik, who is sitting next to you, how many questions remain unanswered and how many doubts cannot yet be dispelled. For this reason in particular we now need a precautionary regulatory framework to be put in place. I am criticising you because in the past, time and again, you have publicly allowed the impression to arise, and have actively encouraged the impression, that we can take our time over this. I believe that what we urgently need is a moratorium, which we will use to create the regulatory framework within which the Member States, if they indeed wish to do so, must then make their decision. However, we should not waste this valuable time, and that is partly your responsibility Mr Oettinger! It is my opinion that the hopes being placed in shale gas are grossly exaggerated. With regard to energy independence, even if we stick to the fossil fuel path, according to the Commission’s figures we would still have to import 60 % of our gas from Russia, Norway or elsewhere in 30 years’ time. Independence? You must be joking! Partner in the energy transition? Not a chance! Take a look at the United States! Shale gas development is not a partner in the energy transition, but a rejection of the energy transition. The IEA, the International Energy Agency, has said that shale gas development is not compatible with a 2 °C target. Just a few days ago it said we must leave at least two thirds of the fossil fuels still in the ground where they are to ensure that we have any chance of keeping climate change within bounds. In this situation relying on the development of new fossil fuels is irresponsible, Mr Oettinger! My last comment is for Ms Tzavela as rapporteur. You have attempted very charmingly to get us on board with the advocates. Unfortunately, we cannot follow you; the differences are too great."@en1

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