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". − In today’s world we all appreciate the opportunities that the internet offers us. This is more than just entertainment – it is education, work and a source of information. Besides this enormous role played by the net in our lives these days, we must also be aware of the hazards it creates. Above all we must emphasise the importance of protecting children in the digital world; children, through their customary naivety, credulousness and curiosity, constitute an easy target for anyone who acts outside the law. Children should be making the greatest use of the internet for study purposes. They should use it to glean knowledge about the world, and also to acquire the new capabilities which are essential to successful functioning in the 21st century. They should not, however, be exposed to inappropriate content, and they should not in any way be exploited, manipulated or threatened. It is therefore important to have cooperation between parents, schools and state institutions to prevent infringement of the rights of children on the internet. In this connection I am expressing my support for the creation of a framework directive in which the relevant provisions will be consolidated and which will thus regulate the field as a whole and management on many levels. It will further accelerate harmonisation of the regulations applied in the Member States and provide a stimulus for stronger coordination between them and the EU."@en1

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