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". − I voted today to accept the proposal for a directive, whereby all new motorcycles, three-wheel vehicles and quad bikes sold within the European Union, starting from 2016, become safer and more environmentally friendly. Under the new regulations, larger motorcycles (i.e. those with an engine larger than 125 cm ) must be fitted with anti-lock brake systems (ABS), while smaller ones (with an engine smaller than 125 cm ) must have ABS or combined brake systems (CBS). From 2016, all motorcycles will also have to meet Euro 4 emission standards. I am of the opinion that the new regulations that have been voted in will have the effect of improving safety on our roads and will lead to a reduction in the number of accidents involving motorcycles and quad bikes. One of the main reasons why tougher safety requirements should be supported, in my opinion, is the appalling statistic that vehicles of this type, although they account for barely 2 % of road traffic, are involved in as many as 16 % of all fatal accidents."@en1

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