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". − I would like to congratulate my colleague Ms Jazłowiecka on an excellent piece of work. I voted most definitely in favour of accepting this report. Development of the public economy, in its broader sense, may be very helpful at times when it is not only the homeless, the long-term unemployed or the disabled who are out of work and with very limited means on which to live. The crisis, which affects both employers and employees, means that the situation on the labour market is becoming unstable. At times of crisis and a continuous reduction in employment, more and more citizens are threatened by poverty. Public enterprises, social cooperatives and occupational activity centres have the task of making a profit, which is then targeted at the implementation of social goals or the development of the local community. These are therefore useful instruments which help to solve social problems that are important to all of us. A public enterprise may also constitute an opportunity for young people who cannot get onto the labour market. As my colleague Ms Jazłowiecka correctly pointed out in the report, social policy in EU countries has to change dynamically and bring in effective and lasting ways of resolving social problems. Social investments are the best example of such an action, and every effort should be made to ensure that such strong entities can prosper in a free market and become an effective means of avoiding social exclusion."@en1

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