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"I am very pleased that the Chamber has voted in favour of the Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution resulting from exploration and exploitation of the continental shelf and the seabed and its subsoil. The Protocol covers exploration and exploitation activities, the issue of permits, the removal of installations and provisions on safety in the Mediterranean. A protocol was necessary because managing these activities is not a matter only for the European Union, but also for all the other countries with Mediterranean coastline. Since the Gulf of Mexico accident in 2010, we have all been aware that a similar disaster in the Mediterranean could have devastating consequences. Not only is the Mediterranean a practically closed sea, but its ecosystem is unique for its size and diversity. The Mediterranean is also a source of economic wealth for many countries that make a living from tourism and the sustainable exploitation of the coast. We should therefore make sure we are providing maximum protection for tourism and for this very fragile ecosystem by ensuring a good level of cooperation among Mediterranean countries to achieve the maximum possible safety of offshore activities. I hope that the European Parliament in future will promote an even more stringent legislative initiative on this issue."@en1
"Salvatore Tatarella (PPE ),"1

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