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". − I familiarised myself with the content of the regulation with some interest. In my country, a case of a threat caused by explosives has continually been on the front pages of the newspapers in recent days. This was because the special services had arrested a man who was planning an assault on the Polish authorities using explosives. I voted most definitely in favour of the document. Security is one of the most important values for society in the European Union and we must provide it. This is particularly true right now, at a time when we are particularly exposed to terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, I am pleased that in the regulation the author took into account the fact that some chemical compounds are widely used for legal applications by ordinary users. In the light of this, while leaving a proper safety margin for citizens, the document does not impose non-commensurately rigorous restrictions. This means that the provisions will not have a negative impact on the economy or civil liberties, while at the same time they will effectively make it difficult for potential assassins to gain access to hazardous substances. I trust that the European Commission, the relevant agencies in the Member States and the international services will continue to monitor the market for these substances. It is important that their market is properly monitored, so that a new substance may be added to the annex at the appropriate time, or so that a given substance may be deleted from the annex as appropriate."@en1

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