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"I welcome the adoption of this important document. I have repeatedly said, whether in this Chamber or within the Committee on Transport and Tourism, that we cannot conceive of a common Europe without putting into practice the idea of a Single European Sky. A situation whereby passenger air traffic above Europe is still controlled by 27 different centres is unacceptable. Today’s passenger aircraft reach speeds that make it possible for them to fly through some Member States in a matter of less than 20 minutes. Requiring them in this time to make manoeuvres to change their flight path from the shortest and quickest possible is ineffective, unprofitable and incomprehensible. We do not need to introduce an emissions trading requirement for the aviation industry; we simply need to implement the Single European Sky in order to achieve similar results in terms of environmental benefit. I would also reiterate that the Functional Airspace Blocks must be implemented before the end of the year."@en1

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