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"The most common criticism of the European Union is the gap between its supposedly technocratic institutions and the citizens, who have difficulty identifying the key actors, and understanding their role, who is responsible for what, and, above all, the actual impact of European decisions on their daily lives. Numerous communication campaigns are organised every year to bring the citizens closer to the institutions and give them a better understanding of the actions carried out at EU level. For example, in 2009, an estimated 11.9 million Union citizens were living in another Member State than their own and the creation of the internal market has only served to increase such movements. Nevertheless, many Europeans feel that the obstacles to mobility within the EU are still too high, especially the lack of information about administrative issues, social welfare systems and the recognition of university qualifications. That is why 2013 has been designated European Year of Citizens. Its purpose will be to raise awareness of the rights attached to European citizenship in a cross-border context. Let us hope that this initiative succeeds in reconciling the citizens with the EU."@en1

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