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". Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, 18 months ago, two reports were referred to us in the consent procedure in this House, namely the agreement which is now the subject of the vote, and a similar agreement on agricultural products with the Palestinian territories. There were one or two details in the agreement with the Palestinian territories which we needed to discuss. Nonetheless, we all let that agreement pass, despite the fact that Hamas, one of the parties in government in the Palestinian territories, is a terrorist organisation, despite the fact that the death penalty is in use there, and despite its oppression of the Palestinian people. Our proposal, at the time, was to push through the two agreements in parallel so that we could justifiably claim to be impartial. Indeed, we want to be honest brokers and maintain our mediating role between the two parties. However, with the Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products that will be put to the vote today, every conceivable reservation has been voiced, and as soon as one concern has been dealt with, another arises. By adopting this strategy, we are undermining our own credibility. I really would urge the House to bring this sad chapter to a close today and vote in favour of this agreement!"@en1

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