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"The European Parliament met in plenary on Tuesday, 23 October, a few days after the European summit of the Heads of State or Government in Brussels. Although Parliament’s traditional position is to call for an ambitious budget and reject the drastic cuts advocated by certain Member States, the key aspect of this vote, for me, is the fact that the priorities of the French delegation of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) were respected, especially the preservation of the budget for the common agricultural policy and a plea for better use of European funds. I am concerned, however, about the amendments relating to Parliament’s seat and the emergence of an anti-Strasbourg movement, which is gaining support with every vote. We must remember that it is not up to Parliament to decide where it sits; any such decision would involve amending the Treaties, which has to be done by the Member States, notably the founding members, which naturally have a special responsibility given that they were the driving force behind European integration. Indeed, we could say that by deciding to join the European Community, the other countries had thus signed up to the provision giving Strasbourg a special status, and they were obviously aware of this."@en1

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