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"Mr President, Commissioner, President of the Council, you said on behalf of the Presidency that we should send out the right signal. The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy has done so. We have examined the budget carefully, and in our proposal we have been very selective in restoring the amounts proposed by the Commission to their original level. But sending out the right signal surely also means that there is no sense in making cuts in precisely those areas where there is a European added value, because that will make us not richer, but poorer! To promise growth and then to refuse the funding to give impetus to that growth is a nonsense. The Council’s proposals make such drastic cuts to the payments specifically intended for the competitiveness and innovation programme that is so crucial to small and medium-sized enterprises that, next year, the budget will not even suffice for six months. Come to your senses: that is simply a way to alienate the citizens from Europe even more, but not to resolve the problems!"@en1

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