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". Mr President, Ms Auconie, we have worked very well together in Parliament on this report. We have made improvements to what was already a good proposal from the Commission, finally establishing a financial instrument that specifically supports the social economy. It is not hard to achieve agreement on the fact that some of the bureaucratic red tape included there should be removed: for example it should also be possible to provide larger loans, as required for the construction of social housing, for example, or to deliver assistance to institutions that do not operate in the social economy in the EU, but rather in developing countries, so that these funds, when they are finally introduced – can also help the world’s most vulnerable. We have also been able to ensure that some criteria are worded with greater clarity, for example that it is necessary to prove the companies receiving investment from this fund have a genuine social benefit, so that these funds do not become a cheap label that people can use, even though in reality there is no social economy dimension to their business. This fund is a rational instrument within the framework of the Commission’s broader initiatives for the social economy, as currently promoted by Mr Barnier and Mr Tajani. That makes sense. The icing on the cake would be if the positive outcome we have now achieved with the Commission were also to be worthwhile for the businesses. The only thing standing in the way here is the Council, which is absent from this debate yet again and which refuses to include a reasonable definition of tax havens in the provisions for this fund. The fact that funds like this, which have a social benefit, are not to be diverted to tax havens is something that goes without saying. This also applies to European venture capital funds. It is scandalous that the Council should allow initiatives that promote growth and the social economy to fail over an issue like a European definition of tax havens."@en1

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