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"Mr President, the report we are debating today is a big step forward for all victims of crime and barbarity. Its progress lies in its due recognition of victims, and it gives more guarantees to the criminal procedure. Quite simply, victims will now have more legal certainty and society will be more sensitive to their suffering and pain. May I congratulate the two rapporteurs for their excellent work and tenacity, and I would particularly like to mention Ms Jiménez-Becerril, twice a victim of terrorism; through her committed campaigning and the complicity I so admire in Commissioner Reding, they have opened a door through which others will follow, so that judges, leaders and civil society can properly recognise the value, example and trauma of so many victims, providing them with guarantees, justice and respect. Today, Mr President, I would also like to send a message of solidarity to the people of the United States for the terrible tragedy that took place on that 11 September. I send them a testimony of my solidarity in a heartfelt prayer."@en1

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