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"Maintaining international peace and security is one of the EU’s primary objectives. Currently, in our struggle to achieve democratic stability, we should not forget Latin America, which is facing important challenges, as already mentioned: democratic consolidation, regional integration, economic and social stability, poverty and, of course, security in the region. On the other hand, our Latin American neighbours share our values and principles, and they have a number of emerging countries such as Brazil and Mexico, which are key members of international forums such as the G20; finally, the region has great economic potential, with 10% growth forecast for the coming decade. In view of this, I believe that next autumn, the European External Action Service should focus strongly on the multi-party trade agreement between Peru, Colombia and the EU, the association agreement with Central America, and the negotiation of the development cooperation instrument. This is a key region for the EU, and we cannot gradually withdraw right when it is expanding the most. In conclusion, the EU is, and should become, even more aware and involved in conflict prevention and the struggle to maintain security."@en1

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