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"Like 38 of my fellow MEPs, I chose to support the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), the main goals of which – creating a framework for the fight against counterfeiting, safeguarding thousands of jobs and protecting our SMEs – were obscured due to the reinforcement of fears, fuelled by well-organised networks, regarding the threat of violation of our citizens’ fundamental freedoms. Although I understand those concerns, I regret that they were exploited politically. Parliament’s Legal Service confirmed on two occasions that the Agreement was compatible with the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Treaties and the Community . The European Ombudsman stated that the negotiations had proceeded normally. The Commission had referred the matter to the EU Court of Justice to enable it to rule on the Agreement’s compatibility with the Treaties. That ruling has not yet been handed down, yet Parliament has buckled under the pressure of its detractors. This Agreement did not seek to criminalise Internet users or enforce surveillance by Internet access providers. It sought to protect jobs, 40 000 of which are lost each year, and protect SMEs, which are threatened by this unfair practice."@en1

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