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"I understand that many issues must be taken into account in the debate on the future of the common agricultural policy (CAP), in the context of the debate on the multiannual financial framework and on the transitory period for 2013, but they should not cause us to forget the urgent need to secure our farmers’ present and future. The economic crisis threatens the sector’s survival, so we need to guarantee the level of aid granted to farms, especially in the countries where we are suffering most from the crisis, such as Spain. The necessary financial discipline should not lead to a drastic adjustment of the CAP or a radical reduction in existing funds. I want to express my doubts regarding a possible single rate, even if it is greater than 50%, as it would mean the most vulnerable regions paying more, while ‘budgetary restrictions’ are being required of the country. This is a complicated debate but, now more than ever, we must increase our efforts to strengthen the CAP as part of the backbone of the EU, not forgetting decisive support for those regions and countries being hit particularly hard by the economic crisis."@en1

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