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"Road safety and social protection are not opposable. This is what Parliament wanted to demonstrate by adopting the report on improving tachograph systems, which were first introduced in 1985. Parliament has called for the implementation of ‘smart tachographs’ by 2020, which incorporate technological innovations in order to improve checks on goods and passenger vehicles and to minimise misuse. There is still a long way to go before the rules on driving times are respected in Europe. We have found that tachographs are manipulated in order to increase the amount of time drivers spend at the wheel. This irresponsible behaviour represents a real threat to safety on our roads and calls for suitable penalties. I am well aware that our transport companies are subject to competition as a result of the increase in fraud. That is why, in my view, any initiative that would minimise fraud – which itself is fuelled by profound differences in social legislation, particularly with regard to rest period requirements – deserves our support."@en1

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