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"Mr President, Mr Barroso, I would like to address two specific points. It is important that a growth pact has now been decided on by this Council. However, much of it is built on sand. Of the EUR 120 billion, EUR 55 billion is supposed to come from Structural Fund monies. I do not yet understand how this is supposed to be mobilised in the short term without the Member States making additional short-term payments into the EU budget. I would like to hear you state exactly and categorically whether these payments exist – what commitments were made there to allow this EUR 55 billion to actually now flow into sustainable growth? The second question that I would like to ask relates to the banking union. You have proposed that we proceed on the basis of Article 127(6) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). That means unanimity in the Council and thus also a right of veto for the United Kingdom and other opponents. I can only urge you to make this banking union, but to make it on the basis of the Community method, and that means on the same basis as has already been negotiated here for common banking supervision. The democratic rights of the European Parliament must not be eroded here. I would ask you to proceed on this basis."@en1

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