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"I voted in favour of the Bauer report in today’s vote. As has been the case repeatedly since 2008, when the European Commission launched an information campaign in several European Union Member States on differences in pay for women and men called ‘Close the gender pay gap’, we have the opportunity to read a report on this issue. Once again we are also able to bemoan the inequalities in the labour market. Women and men are paid different amounts for the same work. We should publicise the fact that, on average, women throughout Europe are paid around 16.4% less than men. The pay gap between women and men is even greater in certain countries. These discrepancies have a significant impact on women’s earnings throughout their professional careers, and on their pensions. Lower pay means lower pensions and a greater risk of poverty for older women. It is to be welcomed that the European Parliament regards eliminating the pay gap between women and men as a political priority."@en1

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