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"The Youth opportunities initiative is a concrete response to the phenomenon of youth unemployment, which not only remains high in developed countries, but is growing steadily. This is due not only to the crisis and budgetary discipline, but primarily to deep structural problems, including a failure on the part of the labour market and the education system to adapt and be flexible. For many years, we have seen a discrepancy between the financial expectations of our young people and their actual skills, experience and qualifications. We should therefore encourage and support this initiative, which involves the implementation of a series of measures aimed at improving the situation of young people in the labour market. It is time for a realistic and concrete prevention strategy, i.e. greater use of ESF funds, assistance in finding a first job abroad through the Eures system, the establishment of an efficient system of international work experience for school pupils and internships for young entrepreneurs through Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus, and an extension of the European Voluntary Service Programme. In countries where the educational system is coordinated with industry, for example, by means of ongoing programmes of work experience or recruitment obligations incumbent upon civil society institutions, school leavers and graduates are in a better position when looking for a job and the unemployment rate for those under 25 years of age has fallen to a few percent."@en1

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