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"Mr President, Commissioner, Mr Gerbrandy, ladies and gentlemen, let me express my sincere thanks to Mr Gerbrandy for this report. The message that this debate and our resolution should send out to the public, to the economy and to the Member States is that there is great cooperation between the Commission, particularly Mr Potočnik, and this Parliament on the matter of resource efficiency. I think we have all known the key facts for a long time. We know that – in relative terms – Europe is more dependent on imported resources than other regions. We know that we could become much more economically dynamic if we could forge ahead with resource efficiency. We know – the Commission has repeatedly told us all – that we could create up to 3 million jobs by taking resource efficiency seriously. The crucial point is whether this knowledge will result in action. That depends on governance, and it depends on the Commission and Parliament, but also, in particular, on the Member States and the economy and other players working together sensibly. If we are honest, that is where we get stuck. I do not know if my list is too incomplete, but so far I have found four Member States that have resource efficiency plans that can be taken even half seriously: the Netherlands since 2010, Austria in January, Germany and, most recently, in March, the United Kingdom. Only one Member State, and that is Germany, has so far discussed it at cabinet level at all. That is not exactly a strong showing. The Member States have hardly covered themselves in glory in the Environment Council, where, in part, they blocked the Commission’s proposals. Let us then be ambitious, and let us say clearly – I would like to repeat this message – trust yourselves to lead, or at least set an example, or else get out of our way."@en1

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