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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, after two and a half years, the European crisis has brought us to a situation which Benjamin Franklin once described in his country as follows: ‘If we don’t hang together, by heavens we shall hang separately’. The question which both Ms Harms and Mr Verhofstadt have raised is: does Europe and does the EU have the steely political will in this situation to continue its strategy of working together to overcome major problems? I must say that, even if I ignore the anti-Europeans in this House, many of the remarks which I have heard here lead me to doubt that this is the case. For example, why does the representative of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) give a long list of the countries she respects, simply so that everyone understands that Greece is not one of those countries? Why does Mr Ferber repeat his absurdly exaggerated call for budgetary discipline? We need budgetary discipline, but his own government is not doing at home what it is telling the rest of Europe to do. It depends on Parliament and on the Commission whether there is enough community initiative to come to grips with this crisis. It is not sufficient, Mr Rehn, to emphasise the less controversial issues and to highlight once again the commitment to growth and jobs which everyone shares. Two messages must come out of tomorrow’s summit. The first is the message to Greece. The path of reform must continue, but the mistakes which have so far been made must be rectified. The second message is that if we do not set up the debt redemption fund, we will not experience the growth which all of you are talking about."@en1

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