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"Mr President, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mr Azarov, has offered to allow international officials to monitor the next trial of Ms Tymoshenko. This is another farce in what has become a classic example of managed democracy. I believe that we do not need these monitors. We should just read the four reports by the experienced former Danish prosecutor, Mr Lyngbo, who has followed and evaluated all the trials and who concludes that this is clearly politically motivated justice. There is no proof of the fraudulent exercise of public office, of abuse of positions or of corruption. If we want to do something about corruption in Ukraine, we should look at the terms under which the contracts for the European Championship stadiums were awarded. These cost one-third more than they should have done. The important point is that the money made its way into private pockets. I would like to make one comment about what Mr Lambsdorff said. You criticised the debate here and expressed the naïve hope that there would be free and fair elections in Ukraine. I believe that while the leaders of the opposition who were responsible for organising the European Championships are behind bars and the torturers are in the grandstand, basking in the reflected glory of the event, we will not see free and fair elections."@en1

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