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"The cost of mobile communications is about to drop. This was the decision made by Parliament on Thursday 10 May and I am delighted. The report on mobile phone roaming provides for a number of measures benefiting the consumer and virtual operators, who are restricted to using networks owned by other operators. Among the key measures, we should note the lower price caps for voice, SMS and data roaming services. From 2012, the price per minute for an outgoing call will be EUR 0.29 instead of EUR 0.35, for incoming calls EUR 0.08 instead of EUR 0.11, as it is currently, and for SMS EUR 0.09 instead of EUR 0.15. A one megabyte download will be capped at EUR 0.70, while there had been no previous price cap until now. Consumers living in border regions who are billed for inadvertent roaming must be informed by their provider of ways to avoid this inconvenience. When users travel abroad, they will be able to access local data services and choose the most favourable offer from different local providers, as for Wi-Fi."@en1

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