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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, what is the general situation really like in the countries in this region? Mr Bokros has given us a very impressive description. We are at the start of a process and, unfortunately, there is a fear that, by the end of it, democracy will not be established in every country. Instead, it may be the case that Islamist groups will be in power in some of the countries. This is why I would like to see us making every effort to introduce improvements in these countries in the short term, so that the people there realise that democratic systems can genuinely help them and allow them to move forward. Mr Kazak mentioned the question of micro-credits, among other things. I would also like to see us making progress in this area. The economy consists mainly of small companies and micro-enterprises and we are deluding ourselves if we believe that large firms will start to open new premises there. We will have to focus primarily on the small companies and micro-enterprises that already exist. If many of them can create one part-time or one full-time job and employ more people, this will allow the region to move forward. This is why I have great hopes of the micro-credits. On the subject of investments as a whole, we must do everything we can to take the political dialogue with these countries forward. Money will only be invested when all the basic conditions are right, including democracy, the rule of law and legal certainty for the people who have made the investments. This is why we urgently need to intensify our dialogue over the next few months. To do this, we must have staff on the ground. Mr De Gucht, there is only one external trade official in our office in Tunisia and there are no representatives of the Directorate-General for Trade in Jordan. This makes it clear that we must ensure in the short term that we have more people on the ground and that we perhaps need to discuss this with the Members of the Committee on Budgets in the context of the forthcoming budget debate. I would like to thank Mr Rinaldi very much for this very balanced report."@en1

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