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"The modernisation of Europe’s higher education systems needs to be a wide-ranging process encompassing, amongst others, procedural, financial, and organisational aspects. The concept of lifelong learning is worth promoting and achieving via the introduction of specific study programmes provided by higher education institutions. The curricula of higher education institutions should be revised on a continuous basis in order to respond to economic requirements, in particular, to those of the rapidly changing labour market. At the same time, efforts should be made to achieve continuous scientific and technological progress. An appropriate level of academic standards should be maintained and constantly monitored at both public and private higher education institutions. As the rapporteur rightly observed, the central issue is to broaden access to higher education, making it available to as many Europeans as possible in order to deal with the economic crisis more effectively and to enhance Europe’s competitiveness. Consequently, cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises and higher education institutions should serve to facilitate the exchange of information regarding the demand for workers with specific skill sets and competencies, as well as enabling students to take part in professional traineeships. It is very important to support and promote student mobility schemes, as the latter enable students to gain new experiences and subsequently to disseminate best practices in their home universities."@en1

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