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"Madam President, here is my opinion on the matter. As a response to the threats that the EU and the US must face, the Passenger Name Records (PNR) Agreement must be interpreted within the framework of the fight against transnational crime in all its dimensions. The strategy on the external dimension of Justice and Home Affairs, the EU strategy against terrorism and the Stockholm Programme all refer to the need to establish close cooperation with third countries through exchange of information. The data that are gathered under the PNR Agreement are used for purposes of preventing, detecting, suppressing and pursuing and for those purposes only. This new agreement provides great improvements by comparison with the 2007 agreement. The PUSH method is recognised as the mode of transfer, there is greater protection for data gathered, the number of supervisory authorities is increased and there are advances in data evaluation, not to mention the right of citizens to request correction or deletion of their PNR data, with the possibility of administrative or judicial redress. Moreover, the agreement respects the right to privacy in accordance with the principle of proportionality. Limitations may only be introduced where they are necessary and where they genuinely meet the general interest objectives recognised by the EU or protect the rights and freedoms of others. In these circumstances, we have two options: vote in favour of the agreement, and benefit from the improvements that have been introduced, or vote against. In the latter case, we would create great legal uncertainty that could lead to the signing of bilateral agreements, and to penalties and obligations being placed on airlines. We must commit and ensure a high level of effective protection of personal data, which means that any transfer of PNR data to the US must be done in a secure manner and in accordance with EU law and that passengers can exercise their rights in relation to the use of their data. In light of this situation then, Madam President, I am in favour of this agreement to combat terrorism and transnational crime."@en1

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