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"Mr President, Mr Langen has already set out the objective arguments. The arguments that we have heard here in this debate and in the German media are, in fact, anything but objective. The central point is that this directive largely leaves it to the Member States to decide on the level of taxation on diesel and petrol. In essence, we are establishing a level playing field here. Effectively, only the general tax and fuel tax havens will have to increase their taxes. It is up to Germany to decide for itself whether or not to increase the tax rate for diesel fuel. What I find disturbing, Mr Lambsdorff, if I might address you directly, is this: like me, you are a supporter of Europe. However, to ignore the fact that Germany lays down the rules itself is an anathema for Europeans and, in the final analysis, engenders a feeling of aggravation with Europe among the Germans, instead of contributing to an objective discussion of the matter to be decided here."@en1

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