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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, in view of the current situation as regards public finances and the economy in Europe, this is no time for fairy tales when it comes to tax policy. The situation in Council is quite simply that little progress is being made on tax policy proposals. Why is that? It is because some countries are opposed to further tax cooperation. They profit from aggressive tax planning; they are tax havens themselves. The Treaties clearly state that there must be unanimity on tax matters. That is why the Commission’s proposals have been shipwrecked on various occasions in the past. They are watered down, or no progress is made – as in the case of the directive on interest. Recent proposals have already been resigned to this and do not even suggest anything demanding any more. I would therefore ask you, Mr Šemeta – and I know your job is not an easy one where this is concerned – to change strategy, to present strict measures and go for enhanced cooperation in order to end the blockade in Council."@en1

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