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"I have voted in favour ofon the Annual Report on Human Rights in the World and the European Union’s policy on the matter, including implications for the EU’s strategic human rights policy. This document provides an excellent outline for what we as a Parliament need to continue working toward. It is quite evident that over the years, the EU has not always been consistent in its dealings with third countries with regard to policies and the role that human rights plays in those policies. Thus, this document provides a foundation for improving the consistency in the said dealings and pushes the EU to even expand upon the importance of human rights policy. We are, in fact, a union of 27 different countries with different cultures; however, we have worked tirelessly as a whole to establish fundamental rights for all of our citizens, as it is our duty to protect them. This concept should not end with us but should be granted to all citizens around the world and we should play our part to ensure this is achieved."@en1

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