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"The European Union plans to provide itself with a new tool dedicated to supporting all actions in favour of democracy and the rule of law led by civil society and its representatives in the neighbouring countries of the European Union. The proposal to set up a European Endowment for Democracy was launched following the events in the Southern Mediterranean in order to provide a more targeted response that did not duplicate the objectives of other existing European instruments and programmes, such as the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). This endowment, which is a response to the necessary adaptation of the EU to new issues arising from the Arab Spring, should go hand in hand with efforts towards democratic transition by providing concrete support to the actors involved in strengthening the values of democracy and the rule of law such as NGOs, the media, trade unions, bloggers, and so on. By adopting this report, Parliament has begun the process of developing and implementing the new Endowment in order to make this new instrument operational by 2013."@en1

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