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"Parliament has approved the resolution on Belarus, which echoes the decisions taken by the Foreign Affairs Council on 23 March to increase sanctions against Aleksandr Lukashenko’s entourage and undertakings. There is an arbitrary and repressive regime on Europe’s doorstep, which is gagging the media and violating fundamental freedoms with impunity. We cannot tolerate it. The European Union has called on several occasions for the release of political prisoners, but the Minsk regime, strengthened by its close economic ties with Russia, has decided to take a harder line towards the EU by expelling the ambassador of Poland and the Head of the EU Delegation. This resolution will not bring about significant changes immediately, but it is important that Parliament should show its solidarity with the restrictive measures taken by the Council (asset freezes, travel bans, embargos on arms and material used for repression) and express, on behalf of the European citizens, its indignation towards a regime that violates the most essential rights and freedoms."@en1

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