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"Mr President, I echo the need to reach an overall agreement for the future that ensures the survival of the most deprived persons in the Union. We are talking about vulnerable, excluded, and poor people. The figures state that 13 million people in 19 Member States are experiencing poverty, 30 million people are undernourished, and 43 million people are at risk of experiencing food poverty, which shows the need to work together in order to ensure the programme continues after 2013. We must make use of the debate on the multiannual financial framework, as well as the debate on CAP reform, in order to ensure food aid and to overcome the legal obstacles. The Member States are going through a difficult period, but that is exactly why we now have to make greater efforts to protect those who are suffering the most due to the crisis: children, the sick, the unemployed, the elderly, and those 80 million people who are currently living below the poverty line in general. The Commission’s right to initiative is vital and essential. There are no disagreements in that respect in this Parliament, Mr President."@en1

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