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"Mr President, Commissioner, I would like to heartily congratulate Mr Rui Tavares. This debate is a step towards the Union undertaking more humanitarian work, and providing greater international protection for refugees. We commend the improvement in reception conditions, the use of asylum procedures and the promotion of good and effective practices to ensure that people’s rights are protected in the international domain. Taking into account the fact that there were 301 000 asylum applications last year, of which 59 465 were accepted, we must streamline resettlement measures in the interest of maximising the efficiency of the services supplied. Five thousand resettlements in Europe is still very small in solidarity terms. I also went to Shusha. Far more Member States are going to have to involve themselves in resettlement, and therefore, we support the provision of additional financial support for those making the effort for the first time. There is also the need to provide additional financial support for the resettlement of people from specific geographical regions and nationalities once this has been decided as the most appropriate way of responding to their specific needs. The urgency and priority of Member State support should not be forgotten when it comes to children and women from specific risk groups, the victims of psychological, physical and sexual violence, as well as the victims of exploitation. One in every five asylum seekers is under the age of thirteen. Congratulations, Mr President, for this interinstitutional agreement."@en1

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