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"This week the 6th World Water Forum is taking place in Marseille, giving us the opportunity to recall that water is a precious resource for which we have a duty of responsibility. According to a study by the WHO and Unicef, the rate of access to water for the global population stood at 89% in 2010. This is remarkable progress. However, 2.5 billion people still do not have access to clean water. Water is a development issue, an ecological issue and an issue of health and food security within the context of population growth and climate change. More than ever, we must return this problem to the heart of our policies and develop a comprehensive EU water strategy. We must make access to water universal by 2030 and make sanitation a priority by leading actions of solidarity with developing countries. We must develop sustainable water management by fighting against waste and relying on innovation and green technologies. There are many issues to be dealt with and we are being very ambitious. I am now waiting for the conclusions from this strategic forum to be translated into concrete commitments during the Rio conference next June."@en1

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