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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I very much regret that we are holding the debate on this very important subject so late in the evening in the absence of the public and the Commissioner who is responsible. That is by no means a criticism of the Commissioner, but I genuinely regret that this report, which deals with a number of issues that Parliament has been fighting for over the last few decades, particularly in the area of common foreign trade policy, will not receive the attention it deserves from the public. This report that Ms Quisthoudt-Rowohl and several other Members have drawn up over recent weeks and months implements the Treaty of Lisbon in many areas of common foreign trade policy. As Ms Quisthoudt-Rowohl rightly says, the powers which the European Parliament has had since 1 December 2009, and which are also being granted to us by the Omnibus, are not found in any other parliament in the world, with the possible exception of the United States, but other parliaments, such as the parliament in Germany, the country where I come from, have never had powers of the kind that the European Parliament has in the area of common foreign and security policy or, above all, in foreign trade policy. I am very grateful to Ms Quisthoudt-Rowohl for introducing shorter time limits in the area of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy instruments. I believe that this is urgently needed. I am also grateful to Ms Quisthoudt-Rowohl for her highly meticulous approach to this subject. I would like the European Parliament to be aware of its responsibility with regard to the common foreign trade policy of the European Union. We are no longer just the people who complain that they are not taken seriously enough, as was the case before 1 December 2009. Instead, we have a specific responsibility and I would like us to do justice to it and to take a serious approach to all the dossiers in our area – the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has already been mentioned – and to evaluate them properly. Mr President, if you will permit me, I have another comment concerning something which is particularly close to my heart. We in the European Parliament should use all the resources and means at our disposal to ensure that Parliament’s administration is in a position to monitor and implement all the comitology procedures in practice, so that we can fulfil our control functions."@en1

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