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"Mr President, I understand that regulation when it comes to data protection can be based on internal security strategies. We cannot forget, however, that its extra-territorial impact could infringe on the rights of European citizens. What has arisen in connection with the Medicare Act, FISA, the Patriot Act and FATCA cases is more than mere concern. It appears that many of these measures stipulate that European financial entities, in the widest sense of the term, are obliged to provide all types of information, whether it concerns the title holder, their account types or the withholding of payments, among others. There is no prior agreement to justify obtaining this data, nor do the users know what the data will be used for or the amount of time for which it will be stored. It is therefore necessary to adopt measures and design a body of regulations and legislation to avoid infringement of the principle of territoriality. We should be able to maintain our relationships outside the Union, as well as our territory’s security, whilst totally respecting the rights of European citizens. The European Commission should show much more commitment and interest in this task."@en1

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